Conflict over minerals in the Congo By: brenda and lauren

The Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world and for many years has been fighting over precious minerals. Along with many other minerals that are present in Congo one mineral is Coltan.

It is used to make the electronics we use today. The recent technology boom caused the price of Coltan to skyrocket to as much as $400 a kilogram at one point. All of this has caused much violence throughout the Congo. Due to the greed of minerals and land.

Basically whats happening with the current conflict today is that armed groups earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year by trading minerals including ores that produce tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, and of course Coltan.

This money enables the militias to purchase large numbers of weapons and continue their campaign of brutal violence against civilians, with some of the worst abuses occurring in mining areas.

This is war that pertains to the abuse of the miners/ civilians by the Congolese army. They have been responsible for abuses against the civilian population they are meant to protect. Dozens of armed groups remain active. Many of their commanders lead forces that have been responsible for numerous war crimes for which few have been held accountable.

In the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo, 12 percent of the population has been raped. Nearly 50 women and girls are raped every hour. 1,152 women are raped every day–48 per hour–in the DRC, according to the American Journal of Public Health. 5 million people have died do to this conflict. This war is still happening and it is tragic.


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