The House on Edgemon Way Logan BAker

Logan Michael Baker

The story of my name begins with my parents. They were both raised in Alaska where pretty much everything you do is outdoors so you end up hiking and climbing in the mountains. When they had my older brother they named him Elias because the mountain range “Wrangell St. Elias” there was a mountain called Mount St. Elias. They continued with the tradition with me naming me Logan after Mt. Logan, in the same range of mountains, and also the tallest mountain in Canada. My dad also supported my name because it was Wolverine’s real name and a cool town in Utah.

In Scottish my name means Little Hollow but I think that my parents meant it more in the way of the Mountain so that I would be strong and valiant and be not give in to anything. I believe that I fit my name because I strive to show my values and standards of myself when I am at school by not participating in bad activities and trying to do the best I can on my assignments. My parents named me Michael because it is the masculine version of Michelle. Michelle is my mother’s name and they named me after her because she is a wonderful, thoughtful, and caring mother and they wanted me to be just like her in that sense.

The name Baker is a big responsibility because we carry a large magnitude of pride in that name. We have traced it back through a family history website 14 generations of the name Baker. I don’t believe that there could have been a better name for me because of the time and thought they put into my name and the way I fit up to it.


The mountains inspire me. The crisp Alaskan air, the flutter of butterflies as you look over an enormous landscape painted by the wind and rivers. Someday, someday we will build up our retirement they say, someday, someday we will build a cabin of our very own, we will hike everyday someday,... someday. My cousin Trevor, he was 18, too young. He loved the mountains, he lived in a family where everybody loved the mountains, and they went all the time. But now the trips get shorter and farther apart, because we live in Texas, but when we do go, it’s a whole lot more special.

One time we were in Wyoming climbing the Grand Teton, the packs pulling harder the farther we went, and the trail just kept getting longer. On the day of the final ascent we got trapped in a cave while the mighty storm hammered the mountainside with rain, hail and lightning. But despite that horrific experience.

The mountains call me.

Always have.

Always will.


The vignettes I wrote have shaped my identity in many ways. The “my name” vignette has shaped me by making me, set expectations of moral, and ethical standards for myself. Now I hold myself to a higher standard, I strive to get good grades and be a good sport, whenever someone is down emotionally, or physically I do my best to help them up. My “Mountains” vignette has shaped me because, from birth even my name has put me into the outdoors, my parents have instilled a love and appreciation for nature deeper than bones. But more importantly the mountains have shown me, I can do anything.

Issues shown in the book have been reflected in my life because Esperanza, like myself, was friends with popular people, but they didn’t take them seriously and didn’t show true friendship like Sally who abandoned Esperanza at the carnival. In my family we have a sort of coming of age where we go on a trip to scale the Grand Teton on a massive backpacking trip where the parents take a kid and climb the Teton. As you can read from my vignettes I have passed this coming of age.

I personally was not a fan of the structure of the “House on Mango Street” book because it seemed to show an incomplete story of her life and you can't put all the pieces of the puzzle together because you are missing many of them.

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