Whittier PE 2018-19 Mr. Tsakonas (Mr. T)

Hello Whittier families! This is Mr. T. I just wanted to let you know that I will be updating you on what your students(s) are doing in Physical Education class on this spark page. Please make sure you check to see what your student(s) are learning and how much fun they are having!!

Contact me: (262)970-2881 or jtsakona@waukesha.k12.wi.us

JK LEE came to teach our students about focus, respect, self control and hard work. I was SO PROUD of the way our students represented Whittier. They were extremely respectful and hard working. The instructors gave me so many compliments and absolutely love coming to Whittier!

Front snap kick

Line drills

Flying sidekick

Mind + Body = Focus



High block

Look at how engaged they are!

Von got to break a board at the end of class because he was acting like a "real black belt".


Na'zaria got to break a board at the end of class because she was acting like a "real black belt".

Week 6

We started our Throwing/Catching unit this week. Students are working on throwing a ball accurately and with the appropriate amount of force to a partner or target. Some reminders for our students are to step with the opposite foot, make a muscle, "squish the bug" and follow through to your pocket. Also, our 2-5 grade students are working on throwing to a partner who is running. We talk about "leading" the runner and not throwing it where they are but where they are going. Also, some of our students who are into football are learning to run routes such as Ins, Outs, Slants and Curls. Students are doing an awesome job and they love to have choice in what object they are throwing (to the left)!

Week 5

We are in the final week of our kicking/punting unit. All students are continuing to work at becoming proficient for their grade level. Each grade level has a standard they have to meet for Kicking. The standards for Kicking are as follows:

  • Kindergarten - Kick a stationary ball from a stationary position.
  • 1st Grade - Approaches a stationary ball and kicks it forward.
  • 2nd Grade - Uses a running approach to kick a moving ball.
  • 3rd Grade - Uses a running approach to kick along the ground and in the air.
  • 4th Grade - Kick along the ground and punt in the air.
  • 5th Grade - Kicking and punting in a small-sided practice task environment (game like).

3rd-5th grade students are taking their kicking skills and using them in a game called SIDELINE SOCCER. Ask your student(s) about this game. They absolutely love it and do an awesome job! I am stressing good sportsmanship while playing games in PE class and that you have to be able to handle winning and losing respectfully.

Week 4

Students are working on passing a soccer ball to a partner, as well as, punting (drop kicking) a dodgeball. This week we are really focusing on using correct form/technique when kicking/punting a ball. Also, we are incorporating kicking/punting into our tag games by playing Hula Hoop Tag and Fire & Ice Tag. Our 3-5th grade students are using their passing skills to pass and move around the gym. They are working to pass the ball through "windows" to their partner. Starting to incorporate movement with their skills will hopefully translate to helping them play sports in the future.

Week 3

Students are starting their KICKING unit this week. They will be doing stations that will involve different types of kicking. The stations will include: Field Goals (football on a tee), Punting (drop kicking) a dodgeball towards a target, shooting a soccer ball into a goal and kicking a hula hoop on the ground to try and knock over a bowling pin. Students are really enjoying this unit because it allows them to have choice in what they want to try and improve on. If you get a chance to practice kicking with your student(s) at home I am sure they would love it!

Week 2: Students playing a game called "Titanic". The teams need to get from mat to mat using a scooter. If the students touch the group (ocean water) they need to go to the green circle (Titanic) in the middle of the gym and be rescued by their team. Every time a team completes a lap they earn an object of their choosing to help them as they go (noodle, cone, hula hoop, etc.). Students love this game and get so creative! The teamwork and problem solving skills are amazing to see :)
Week 1: Students using hula hoops to build "Hula Huts". 1st and 2nd graders had to crawl through the "Hula Huts" and 3rd, 4th and 5th graders had to use two jump ropes to try and pick their "Hula Hut" off the ground without it falling apart. Great activity for teamwork, perseverance and communication.
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