Gift exchange Youri van den broek

Gift exchange,

This is a game about exchanging gifts, chatting and collecting unique collectibles! In this game all you do is chat with npc's to become "friends" with them. After you've found out what they like you can send them a custom piñata with a gift inside of it. Depending on how much they like it you'll get one back with an increased chance of getting rare items.

The chat screen

Probably the most important part of my game, in here you can choose between 4 different options to respond to your chat partner. If you pick the correct answer they will like you more. A conversation consists out of 10 messages. Once you get 50% of the answers correct, every answer afterwards will increase their liking of you, if you don't get to 50% then their liking of you will decrease depending on how close you got to 50%.

The main screen

This is the main screen of the game. You'll see this when you start the game up. On here you have a pc and wooden planks. You can access the pc to start chatting, shopping, creating your custom piñata's and checking out others profiles. On the planks you can store your most favorite gifts.

Shop screen

On this screen you can select what you shop you want to go into. In the gift shop you can buy the gifts for your friends to their liking. The part shop to buy new parts for your piñata. The Computer store so you can buy access to newer and better chat programs. And last but not least the Sell option, you can use this to sell your unwanted gifts to make some extra cash to buy other newer things.

Piñata creation screen

In this screen you can create your custom piñata's to send to others. You can choose from certain parts that you can buy from the shop. Selecting the correct parts with get you a better gift in return.

Liking screen

On this screen you can see how much someone likes you, indicated by little hearts and a bar. everytime a bar is filled you'll get another heart. In here you can also check for what people think of you, check out their personality and see their likes and dislikes.

And we need YOU

We need artists to make this game happen. I would prefer 2D artists but everyone is welcome! If you're interested in my game just come to me at any time and we'll talk about it!

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