Father Cávana Wallace Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Cávana Wallace | St. Margaret's Parish, Oceanside, CA

Submitted by: Christine Hinrichs

Fr Wallace is truly a servant of God. Living in southern California, the pandemic shutdown here was strict but but Fr Wallace kept the doors open from day one--7 days a week. Always standing outside in the front of the church to greet people. Offering the sacraments in secret (distributing communion early in the pandemic behind the altar on Sunday) and my husband and I were so unbelievably thankful to receive Holy Communion on Easter Sunday when all other Parishes were closed, or only open for very limited hours.

When the governor banned indoor worshiping again in August, Fr Wallace went right to work and offered mass outside. So many faithful have flocked to this Parish as he was the only priest offering confessions, my husband and I have waited over an hour here (outdoors) to confess our sins and receive God's mercy. He now offers confession 6 days a week because the lines were so long!

Fr Wallace is a great confessor and has provided me and I'm sure countless others with solid spiritual guidance. The most beautiful mass I ever attended was during the Easter Triduum that brought tears to my eyes.

This parish is a one-man show. He has worked so hard to keep the doors open, offer the sacraments, standing outside in the hot sun for hours listening to confessions, posting written homilies online, taping off pews to ensure proper social distancing, etc, all on his own.

My husband and I have attended many parishes as the military life has brought us around the country and although we have loved many of them for different reasons, mass is truly so beautiful here and Fr Wallace's commitment to the faithful especially during the pandemic was amazing to witness.