The Spanish Flu January 1918 – December 1920

Cover Image: Tissue samples & victim list of 1918 flu epidemic

The chart in this December 21, 1918 newspaper article published in The Logan Republican shows the impact of the use of face masks in flattening the curve of new Spanish Flu cases in Logan, Utah. The article notes "there was a rapid increase of cases and quarantines for four days after the mask was put into use, or until the 24th day of November, at which time the masks apparently began to become effective"(Logan City, 1918, p. 1).

Image on Right: Logan Republican

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Images L-R Clockwise: Letter Carrier, Protection from Influenza, Red Cross Demonstration [Photo Grid Option
Image: Influenza Prevention, 1918

With the advent of antibiotics to treat bacterial superinfections, antivirals that appear to be effective if given early enough in a flu infection, and the potential to rapidly develop new seasonal vaccines each year, mortality among people with seasonal influenza has decreased (Shaikh & Heymann, 2018).

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Background Image: Masked Police During Spanish Flu

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