Bucket List Assignment By: BEvan Bearss

Destination #1: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Motivators: Someone might be motivated to visit Monaco to experience the lavish culture this country offers. Monaco is full of exquisite landmarks to visit. I can see all the mesmerising the sights of the French Riviera without getting wet at the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium. This impressive building was built in 1910 and sits atop of a sheer 280-foot cliff. I would also love to experience the Grand Prix de Monaco. This Formula 1 race is held on the actual streets of Monaco which are narrow, have tight corners and a tunnel! It is certainly one of the most demanding tracks in Formula One. I also think that people might be motivated to visit Monaco for business. Monaco is home to the most millionaires per capita in the world. In 2008, around 2,000 millionaires called Monaco home! This means that people from all over the world travel to Monaco to meet with their business partners and negotiate deals. The banking industry and money management, generates 16 percent of revenues and plays an important part in the economy. In addition, Monaco is also home to many conventions, trade shows and galas due to the wealthy community which brings in a great number of tourists. From the beautiful, expensive ports to the beautiful, expensive hotels, Monaco has become a great place to do business and an even better place to gamble your millions away.

Types of Tourism: The types of tourism located in Monte Carlo, Monaco would be cultural tourism, sports tourism and recreation tourism. Monaco hosts "the Grand Prix de Monaco". It is is the one race of the year that every driver dreams of winning. Like the Indy 500, it stands alone, almost distinct from the sport from which it was born. A combination of precision driving, technical excellence, and sheer bravery is required to win in Monte Carlo. Monaco is also home to "The Monte Carlo Tennis Masters Series" and "The Monte-Carlo International Show Jumping". Many tourists also visit Monte Carlo to experience the culture. Monaco’s culture has strong influences from its neighbors, France, Italy, and Spain. The native Monegasque population making up only about 21 percent of the population, the French actually make up the largest group at 28 percent. This means that French influence is huge. The constitution of Monaco allows for religious freedom, yet Monaco remains a religious nation. The Roman Catholic Church makes up the largest proportion, with 78 percent of the population identifying themselves as Roman Catholic. The Monaco Cathedral, Sainte- Dévote Church and the Saint-Charles Church are all stunning places of worship to visit. Many tourists immerse themselves in the rich culture of Monaco by visiting the Monte Carlo Casino. Gambling is a part of the economy in Monaco. However, The Monte Carlo Casino is more than just an ordinary casino. For more than a century, its stage has been the setting for international operatic creations, prestigious concerts, and exceptional ballets. Finally, tourists travel to Monaco for relaxation. I have always dreamed of vacationing along the Mediterranean and experiencing a new language/culture such as French. Nothing is more calming than the Mediterranean Sea sparkling at the foot of the Rock. Under the Cote d’Azur sun, you can indulge yourself in the pleasure of the sea and lounge on the Larvotto beaches. There are many other opportunities to relax in the many heated swimming pools available in the hotels. Monaco is home to many glamorous spas such as the “Cinq Mondes” Spa, The Spa du Monte-Carlo Beach and The Odeon Sisley Spa.

The Monte Carlo Casino.

Barriers: Some barriers that may prevent me from travelling to Monaco would be my cost and time. I currently work 3-4 shifts a week at a local grocery store so it would be an inconvenience to my employer for me to be away for a long period of time. I also have commitments to my family such as babysitting my 4 year old sister on certain occasions which would limit my time for travelling. Another barrier that might forbid me from travelling to Monaco would be cost. It is very unrealistic that I would be able to afford an extravagant vacation to Monaco. There are much more important financial commitments that I am saving up for such as university tuition fees and a vehicle.

To moor in one of the world’s most expensive marinas during high season, a superyacht owner can be expected to pay up to $4500 per night, and during prime time events such as the Monaco Grand Prix rates can skyrocket to $25,000 a night or more to stay in Monaco's prime berths.

Destination #2: Palawan, Philippines

Palawan Island, Philippines.

Motivators: Someone might be motivated to visit Palawan Island because of the environment. Palawan Island is home of a diverse range of birds, plants, animals and sea creatures. There are nearly 200 mammal species on Palawan Island. The Philippine Tarsier is one of the smallest yet cutest species of monkeys in the world. To give you an idea of what vast biodiversity Palawan island is blessed to have, You could find more than 600 species of birds, over 300 species of reptiles and amphibians and at least 400 coral species. Someone that lives in a bustling, congested city such as Toronto with a passion for the environment would be elated to see the wonders of Palawan Island.

Types of Tourism: The types of tourism that would be located on Palawan Island , Philippines would be recreation tourism, nature tourism and adventure tourism. Palawan is 1,780 islands of pristine white beaches, dramatic rock formations, secret coves and underground mysteries. One may travel to Palawan to truly experience the breathtaking natural beauty. From game and marine reserves to lakes and subterranean rivers, coral reefs and fabulous beaches there is much to experience. Tubbataha Reef and the Saint Paul Subterranean River National Park stand out due to their unharmed beauty . There are also numerous outstanding seaside areas to explore such as Onda Bay, Meara Marina, Starfish Island and Snake Island, some of the most beautiful places In the world, in which to swim, snorkel and dive. Palawan is also a perfect location for an adventure enthusiast. The province has some of the most exciting and challenging dive sites in the world with a myriad of marine life to view and photograph. Kayaking and rafting among the spectacular limestone cliffs and the extensive coral reefs provide exhilarating challenges with stunning backdrops. There is also sailing, fishing, and canoeing for those who prefer a slightly slower paced activity. An adventurous activity I would love to take part would be the zip line at Sabang. I am always looking for adventure when i travel! Finally, people may travel to the Philippines for relaxation. If you are into white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal-clear waters, Palawan should exceed your expectations. The most popular area that tourists decide to lounge at would be El Nido. Off the coast of El Nido are majestic karst limestone formations, empty lagoons, marble cliffs, prehistoric caves and waterfalls. Luckily, the weather in the Philippines does not reach a point of extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures, which is perfect for relaxing!

The beach at El Nido.

Barriers: Some barriers that would be prevent me from travelling to the Philippines would be travel advisories. Currently, there is no nationwide advisory in effect for the Philippines. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to the threat of terrorism and the high level of crime. Global Affairs Canada advises against all travel to the Mindanao Region, excluding urban areas of Davao City, due to the serious threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping. They also advise against all travel to the Sulu Archipelago and through the southern Sulu Sea, including the waters off southern Palawan Island, due to the threat of piracy and kidnappings in this area. Palawan Island is included in this advisory which scares me to even think of travelling there. Some other barriers would be cost and time.

Destination #3: Honolulu, Hawaii

Motivators: Someone might be motivated to travel to Hawaii for adventure and to see the environment. The island of Oahu is filled with adventure. It's a place where you can experience something you've never done before. An adventure enthusiast could go swimming with the sharks of O'ahu's North Shore. Also you could experience the natural beauty of Oahu on this 2.5-hour zipline tour at Kualoa Ranch soaring through the treetops of Ka’a’awa Valley. Beach Activities on Oahu. Body surfing, windsurfing, surfing, long boarding, surf lessons, Boogie boarding and snorkelling are some awesome water activities an adventure enthusiast could take part in. In addition, tourists might be motivated to visit Oahu because of the environment. From scenic mountain vistas to spectacular beaches, Oahu’s landscape is filled with incredible natural beauty. Leahi (Diamond Head), North Shore, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and the Koolau Mountains (Nuuanu Pali Lookout) are natural wonders that can't be missed when visiting Oahu.

Types of Travel: The types of tourism that would be located in Honolulu, Hawaii would be recreation tourism and adventure tourism. I believe a tourist would go to Hawaii to relax because of the world class beaches. Whether its Makapuu Beach or Kailua Beach, you are guaranteed crystal blue water and white sand. After a full day of activity, you can indulge in unique Hawaii spa services like the rhythmic strokes of a lomilomi massage. You can even add heated pohaku (stones) for extra relief. When it comes to unwinding on Oahu you’ll always have a choice, even if you choose to do nothing at all. Adventure awaits in Oahu as well! You can conquer Hawaii’s most famous volcano and hike through Diamond Head State Park and up to the summit! In addition, you can feel the exhilaration of riding down a trail on a mountain bike, off-roading on an ATV, or hiking one of Oahu’s thirty-five trails.

Barriers: Some barriers that might prevent me from travelling to Honolulu, Hawaii would be cost and time. I currently work 3-4 shifts a week at a local grocery store so it would be an inconvenience to my employer for me to be away for a long period of time. I also have commitments to my family such as babysitting my 4 year old sister on certain occasions which would limit my time for travelling. Another barrier that might forbid me from travelling to Hawaii would be cost. Since Hawaii is becoming a very popular vacation spot, their resorts have become drastically expensive. An average resort in Hawaii for a standard room is around $450 CAD a night. On top of that I would have to purchase my meals, transportation and excursions.

Round Trip Vacation Cost: For my dream vacation I am going to stay on the island of Oahu for a week. I will be flying from Toronto Ontario to Honolulu Hawaii via Delta Air Lines from August 12th to the 19th. The total flight time is 13 hours including a layover in Vancouver BC for 2 hours. The total round trip flight cost is $950 CAD. Once landed in Honolulu at around 9:00 PM I will be renting a luxury SUV for $650 CAD for the week with Thrifty Rental Cars. I am then going to drive to "Aulani" a Disney Resort and Spa where I will stay for the rest of the week. I am going to check into an ocean view room which would cost $8100 CAD for the week. I am going to be spending around $100 CAD a day for food and beverages. There are many fine dining restaurants I want to try while at the resort such as The ‘Ōlelo Room, ‘AMA‘AMA – Contemporary Island Cooking Restaurant and at Makahiki. On the days I do not have reservations at the resort I will go to some restaurants in Honolulu such as Orchids, Alan Wong's Restaurant and Ono Seafood. I will also be spending $150 CAD per day on excursions. Some excursions I have planned are The Magic of Polynesia Show, Catamaran Experience, Dolphin Encounter Program and The Hidden Oahu Tour. To keep this vacation more relaxed, I will be spending $500 to get a Kāpa‘i Massage at the resort spa. Upon this incredible vacation I will be leaving Honolulu at 10:30 PM for Toronto where I will land in YYZ at 4:45 PM on Aug 20th with a layover in Vancouver in between. This dream vacation will cost a grand total of $11950 CAD.

Disney's Aulani Resort

Why This Is My Dream Destination: Honolulu, Hawaii is my dream vacation destination because I believe it is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. I find the volcanoes of Hawaii very fascinating. The latest lava flow at Halemaumau on the Big Island of Hawaii has been going strong for more than two years, providing a dramatic natural evolution of the island’s geography right before your eyes. I am also captivated by Hawaiis waterfalls and beaches. Every island is home to a famous beach, with Oahu’s Waikiki being my favourite. I feel like it would be a natural serenity seeing all these unique beaches and waterfalls. Surrounded by endless ocean, the Hawaiian Islands offer world-class surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, paddle boarding and more. I have always wanted to learn how to surf and there isn't a better place in the world to learn to surf at. I would also love to stay at Disney's Aulani resort because I am love Disney Parks and Resorts and it offers so much to do! I do think it is reasonable that I would be able to travel to Hawaii someday because it isn't too extremely expensive and in the future when I graduate from university, I am hoping to travel somewhere I have never been before.

My Map of Dream Destinations

My "Bucket List"

My "bucket" is full of the top 10 destinations that are on my bucket list!


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