Putting an end to college football MacKEnzie geist

I am interested in banning college football because of the danger it brings to the players, and the violence it brings to institutions of higher learning.
I will be analyzing the effect college football has on traumatic brain injuries and if participating in college football increases the likelihood of developing certain brain diseases. Also I will be looking at whether colleges have the wrong priorities when it comes to college football and the players.
This research is important because it affects the youth, and could change the perspective on a very unpopular topic. The heath and education of young athletes is taken into consideration when college football is in question. Brain injuries that occur during college football can later affect that players life with long term issues. Also, when looking at education do top colleges not put priority on grades and getting a degree while in college for the athletes.
A counter argument could be that college football players learn important life skills and have a greater sense of community than players in the NFL. Players are taught discipline and teamwork in ways that cannot be achieved only in a classroom, and playing for the tradition and history of their school gives them a greater sense of purpose.
Another argument against is that playing college football gives athletes a chance to attend a college that they may not have had the opportunity to otherwise attend.

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