Caraquet NB Student Success Story

Caraquet NB

Caraquet Has An Undeniable Charm and Green Spaces As Far As the Eye Can See

A warm and welcoming Acadian town, Caraquet has an undeniable charm and green spaces as far as the eye can see. In an effort to increase the use of trails in the community, the Caraquet Plein Air Club, created a new landscaping position this summer. This was made possible thanks to funding from the CPRA’s Green Jobs Initiative, which is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Summer Work Experience Program.

Caraquet Plein Air Club hired Vincent-Luc Lanteigne, a 16-year-old student wishing to gain experience in the job market. He was looking for a job that would allow him to be outside and work with his hands. “During my 10 weeks of work, I created a garden path for the community,” said Vincent-Luc. “I planted fruit trees and flowers so that visitors could grab a snack on their treks.” Since Club Plein Air aleady had a mountain bike and pedestrian trail measuring more than 12 km long, it goes without saying that Vincent-Luc had his work cut out for him! “People will be able to ride a bike and feed themselves thanks to the fruit trees planted on the path”.

“ I planted fruit trees and flowers so that visitors could grab a snack on their treks” - Vincent-Luc Lanteigne, student

This initiative is an excellent example of sustainable development. However, Vincent-Luc’s involvement does not stop there. He also widened the trail for fatbike followers. “For those who don’t know, a fatbike is an all terrain bike with very wide tires and good grip for difficult terrain like snow, sand or mud,” explains Luc Robichaud, General Manager of the Caraquet Plein Air Club. “With fatbikes, riders can use the trail during the summer or winter.” When we asked Mr. Robichaud where his inspiration for this project came from, he explained that similar feeder path projects are present in several cities. They have taken the initiative to plant trees and fruit plants on their territory to offer citizens a fun opportunity to feast. “The young people who contribute to this project will quickly understand the green impact that it has on the communities”.

Mr. Robichaud and Vincent-Luc would both jump at the opportunity to re-apply to the program. “I really liked my experience, it makes me want to pursue my future studies in a green field” explained Vincent-Luc. The Green Jobs Initiative has provided the necessary boost to the create of new green initiatives within communities across Canada.

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