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Overcome the pressure to achieve and be extraordinary, be realistic and set a reasonable goal. Progress is a gradual process, constant stress and struggle leaves you demotivated and turns you into a procrastinator. Nothing is perfect, and maybe at times things may not have worked out our way, but it could have been worse. Accept imperfection. Although intangible but feelings and fitness are for real. Opinions are not facts or an actual state of being, if you realize that “no” is just a point of view, so is “yes

Don’t judge your feeling, which according to me is disrespecting pain, understand and absorb that your thoughts are completely normal. First of all, acknowledge that it’s okay to feel and think whatever you’re thinking. It’s for real because your body has been through those human emotions of loss, failure, and pain. The moment you accept, it would immediately learn how to respond more positively to these feelings and help you move forward and start over.

Don’t forget to deliberately steal out a moment from your life to experience that brings you joy or pleasure-it helps to eliminate the negative feelings. Connect with loved ones, creative or physical pursuits that engage and make you happy.

Back to business ;)

(Water therapy/ Ushapan done first thing in the morning) Start the day with basics, Drink 4 glasses of water. Now that’s a big number to start customize it as per your comfort level. May be 2 or 1 or half glass and gradually increase the in-take. Now add flavors as per your taste i.e. apple cider, ginger or lemon/lime with honey.Enjoy!!!

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