A Conversation with Taylor O.Thomas Meaningful Marks


Ty: You have done a lot work inside and outside of the gallery walls. Why is this important for you?

Taylor: I have the interest of going outside of the gallery space from my own struggles of getting my friends and family members to come inside. I totally understood where they were coming from. Galleries where I was living were low traffic, and walking in during the day when it was silent could be incredibly intimidating.

Ty: Oh, sure. I feel that way sometimes and I have a degree.

Taylor: Yeah. At the start of my work, I just wanted other people to be comfortable approaching art. I think at the basis of art marking, and especially mine, is story telling and sharing one another's story. The power of telling a story with another person is insane. I think it's true that vulnerability encourages vulnerability, and I love that art can potentially be an outlet for that.

Ty: There's different theories about how art is suppose to function in society. On one end there is Art for Art's Sake and on the other end there's Art for People. It seems that your work hovers in between the two. What are your thoughts on how art should function in society?

Taylor: I think it's really interesting that people want to assign specific answers to that question because art can function in a million different ways. I have a pretty optimistic view on art.

Justin: As art makers, I think we have to.

Taylor: What Art for Art's Sake encourages me to remember is that I never want to focus so much on the engagement with other people that I forget about the piece itself. There are realms for purely engagement-based work, be it types of activity art, teaching, or workshops. The way that I hope my art can function is to merge the art world with everyday through the the production of thoughtful works.

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