Harn Museum of Art Victor Musleh - IUF1000

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist
This sculpture is titled "Vajravarahi" and it represents Buddhist culture. It is true that people really can't appreciate art through simply seeing it in pictures. In person, art looks more vivid and alive. This is especially the case for this piece. Seeing it in person allowed me to notice the incredible detail that the artist put into this work. The wrinkles of the dress on the woman look incredible in person. The artist put every feature of the woman human body into this sculpture.
Design of the Museum
This museum adds beautiful and green gardens into their exhibits. This specific garden caught my attention because it was able to show me the true beauty of nature. It highlighted the fact that nature is a piece of art in itself. The rocks and waterfalls in this garden were beautiful, lit by only natural light.
Art and Core Values
This is a photograph taken by Sebastiao Salgado titled "Three girls holding hands, Sertao da Paraiba, Brazil." This photo makes me think of the value of love. This simple, yet brilliant photo highlights how strong of a value that love is. The holding of hands in this photo symbolizes that love is the most important thing that we can have. These three girls who know nothing but poverty still have the most vital thing for happiness and meaning in their lives: love.
Art and the Good Life
This oil painting by Ernest Fiene is titled "Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, New York." This wonderful painting depicts beautiful mountains and trees. This painting stood out to me because it showed me the wonders of nature. In addition, this painting shows me that we must fight to protect nature. Many big oil businesses and politicians would rather make a profit than protect the environment. Conservation of the environment is essential to our survival.

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