Good Life Preformance By: Kaitlyn Dailey

The Spatial Experience

Entrance to the Theatre

When entering Constance Theatre I suddenly got the feeling that I was in a place of art. There was an instant beauty of the design of the building. Soon after entering I found these colorful objects hanging in front of the window (pictured above). This art caught my eye and made me feel very welcome when entering the building. I was seated in the front row near the center, in the auditorium. This significantly enhanced my experience. I did not notice the size of the auditorium because I was so close to the stage. When the lights dimmed I became very excited. I have been to several performances before, but I had never been so close to the stage. In the good life the role that place plays is the idea of where you go and what you surround yourself with can either enhance or prohibit your ability to reach the good life. Place is important because it gives a person a sense of identity.

The Social Experience

Front entrance of the theatre

I attended the play with my roommate and several other strangers who also attended the play. By going to the play with my roommate it gave us something to talk about and have a conversation over. It was a nice change for our everyday conversations, as for the conversation after the play was meaningful and insightful. I think that attending with my roommate enhanced both the meaning of the play and our friendship. To get ready for the play I dressed up in church attire because I wanted to be professional and respectful to the performers. In the good life shared experiences allow a person to be able to connect with others. This idea is what helps to create the good life. If I attended the play alone I would not have enjoyed myself as much.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Looking at the time and place of the play allows me to have a greater understanding for things around the time period of 1905. In history class you learn about history, but you dont really get to encounter it. For me the play helped me to actually encounter history for the first time. The central issue that was addressed throughout the play all revolves around poverty and the lives that each class should live. With this idea being discussed throughout the play it allowed me to see how real it was in so many peoples lives. Before the performance I did not know that much about this topic, but I had a basic understanding. The performance changed my view, by just giving me a better grasp of the whole situation. In my own life this can relate in the way that as a child my parents provide for me and wanted the best for me, and with out them I would not have been able to survive.

The Emotional Experience

Uncle Sam by: William King

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us with an opportunity for katharsis by seeing the way we treat people based off of there economic well being and the jobs that they hold. By watching the mistakes that we as a society have made in the past allows us to change for the better. Sometimes people are unaware of how they are acting until they see their actions up on stage in front of them.

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