Views of William Blake In "The lamb" and "the tyger"

From William Blake's stories "The Lamb" and "The Tyger" you can get a significant idea of what his views of God and man must be. First off, he portrays the Lamb more innocently and nicer than the Tyger was portrayed. This shows that God not only created innocent things but God also created harsh, dangerous things. Because of this, Blake questions Gods goodness. He consistently asks "who made thee" to both the lamb and the Tyger. If God created everything in His image and likeness than why are there these evil things which He created. For example, is the Tyger made in Gods image and likeness even though it is described to be made "out of a furnace". The Lamb is described as soft and similar to God. Blake makes it evident in his description of the lamb that the lamb is definitely created in Gods image and likeness for the lamb is quite similar to God. These descriptions show that Blake's view of God is more of an untrustworthy and questioning view.

Gods view of the nature of man springs from these descriptions of the lamb and Tyger as well. Men are created in the image and likeness of God. Children particularly are referred to as sheep. This is shown when Blake uses repetition to get his point across in the story. Children ask many questions and understand little, so repetition is needed when in conversation with them. Children and the lamb are both described therefore as innocent creatures created in Gods image. Some men are similar to the Tyger as well. They are created metaphorically from a furnace. William Blakes view of these men is questioning whether they all are created in Gods image or not. Similar to his view of God, Blake wonders whether these innocent and beastlike humans are all created by the same God and if they all are worthy of respect.

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