Rome Geography by: Cole Becker

The Tiber RIver

Rome was built on purpose, 15 miles up the Tiber River from the Mediterranean Sea. The Tiber River allowed the Romans to be connected with the rest of the Mediterranean world, but at the same time, Rome was far away enough from the sea that it wouldn't get raided by pirates.


The city of Rome was built on seven hills. This was on purpose. They did this because the hills were very steep and and made it easy to defend the city against an enemy attack or foray.

The Mediterranean Sea

With the Tiber River, the Romans were able to access the Mediterranean Sea, which they could use as a trade route, and a way to make allies, and get to different countries.

The Alps

The Alps provided protection for Rome from the North, making it harder for enemies to attack. So, not only would it take enemies longer to attack, but it would also give them a chance to make plans and counter attack.


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