Caroline's Adventure to the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature on Display

The exhibit that I found most appealing was the Hammock Rainforests. This was a part of the museum that was dark in color and ominous but also filled with so much life. While the color scheme was not bright or hopeful, the amount of life in this particular exhibit was abundant. According to one of the informational pieces in this exhibit, "North Florida hammocks have the greatest number of tree and shrub species per acre of all temperate forests in the continental United States." The stat is not astounding considering the many different types of plants that I saw from this replica of an actual hammock forest! By actually being able to see and interact with all of these different forms of plant life, I can understand the significance they play in the real world and have an appreciation for it. If I would have looked at a picture or seen a video of hammock forests, I don't know that it would've had the same lasting effect on me.

Someone caught me taking pictures in the hammock rainforest! Oops!

Nature and Ethics

I believe that the butterfly exhibit was the epitome of what Leopold was talking about. I without a doubt gained a sense of love, respect and admiration for those special creatures and for nature in general. By walking through the museum and seeing people taking pictures of the different exhibits especially the butterfly exhibit, it made me feel more connected to our Earth and more love for all of the amazing things that I don't get to see every day living in a big, thriving city like Gainesville. It is very easy to get caught up in what's new and technologically advanced, but my appreciation for nature and its beauty was recaptured when I went to the museum. I absolutely feel more ethically responsible to take care of this Earth in even the smallest way possible such as picking up five pieces of trash a day to protect the longevity of our planet.

Half face selfies are what the butterflies seemed to enjoy the most!

Nature and Human Spirit

With all that is going on the world today, it is both relaxing and reassuring that museums such as the FLMNH exist. It is a place where I was able to get away and be present with nature and even my feelings. It allowed time to almost stop as I explored the museum in silence and was a very relaxing experience overall. The exhibits took me to a different place both mentally and physically. Being from Los Angeles, I was unaware of all the beauty that Florida has to offer and so I appreciated the museum for this as well. Overall, I had an extremely positive experience with the museum and plan on going back sometime in the near future!

"Wait grandma is that you" Nope...


Photos by me

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