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Illegal immigration

Illegal immigration is a controversial topic. Many people think illegal immigration is great and such be welcomed. However others think it's not fair to all the other people living in the country. People should care about this topic because it affects the whole country and and costs the country money. Illegal immigration should not be welcomed to our country because it allows the immigrants to take money from the U.S, it would also stop criminals from coming into our country, and it would prevent Americans from losing more jobs.


Illegal immigration should be enforced more because illegals are taking money from our country. The U.S has been in an economic decent and the illegals aren't paying taxes and that means that they're basically stealing money from U.S. “They'll take our jobs, send money from Victoria to Mexico, milk taxpayers dollars for free healthcare and government services…” (Semenza). This means that the immigrants will work multiple jobs for not that much money and all the money they'll make they send it back to their families in Mexico which is stealing money. President Trump also said “ No citizenship. Let me go a step further, they'll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty, as such, there's no amnesty, but we will work with them”. This means that if illegals are willing to pay taxes just like everyone else then they can stay in our country but if not they will get deported. This is why illegal immigration should be enforced more than it already is.

Illegal immigration being enforced would also keep criminals from coming into the U.S. If the illegals would've been caught and deported back we could've prevented crimes that are happening all over the United States. The El Paso Border Patrol Sector said “ we did not try to prevent illegal entries into the U.S, but rather focused on bolstering apprehensions by allowing those aliens who made illegal entries…” (James). That statement means that the border control let the illegals in without trying to apprehend them if the border control would've tried to catch them maybe we wouldn't have so many criminals and illegals in the U.S. And with the Immigration Stabilization bill (S 1351) introduced by Sen. Harry Reid, it would increase the number of agents by double its original number it would also provide a force large enough to stop illegal immigration all together and the money we saved by using that it would make a substantial dent in the national deficit (James). These are the reasons the U.S should keep out criminals and more illegals in our country.

Another reason illegal immigration should be enforced more is that it would prevent them from taking American jobs. The illegal immigrants are taking jobs from hard working Americans because they don't asked to get paid as much so employers will hire them for less money. In a recent study by Dr. Donald Huddle, economics professor emeritus at Rice University in Houston, found that illegal immigrants are costing U.S taxpayers, In terms of public assistance and displacement of American workers in their jobs, an incredible 12 billion dollars net annually…” (James). This study shows that that illegals immigrants are taking money and jobs from Americans and if the U.S got this under control us as a country wouldn't be in an economic decent and be in so much debt. In an article “ Farmers worried about Immigration policies” it says “ There is no better evidence of the fact that Hillary Clinton’ immigration policy, which brings in illegal immigrants and well, is that a true statement? It brings in illegal immigrants and refugees to take jobs from our hard working African- American and Hispanic citizens, and they want those jobs” said President Trump. This is more proof that if we don't get the illegal immigrants under control then they'll just keep stealing more money from the U.S and just keep taking more American jobs and leaving American people jobless and sometimes that means homeless. And for these reasons illegal immigration should be enforced more for all the hard working Americans out there.

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Illegal immigration should not be allowed. It takes money from our country, it would stop criminals from coming over, and it would prevent immigrants from taking American jobs. Do something about it. Contact your state representative or senators and request that they pass more immigration laws and get it under control.

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