Spiritual Journey

The story is about a young professional woman called Danielle, that finds out through her doctor, Dr. Schelden, that she has cancer and not much time to live. While still at his office, devastated, she starts asking some existential questions about life and why her, when she has not found love or had children.

Dr. Schelden recommends a friend who is known as the Alchemist, Raziel, and advises Danielle to go see him. Understanding what an alchemist does, she asks if he can heal her and her hopes once again return.

Dr. Schelden advises that he can at least help her find answers to her questions and in the process, initiate a period of healing, advising that Raziel is an astrologer. Surprised by his referral, she takes the phone number that he has written on a prescription form with some disbelief.

After going through her initial phase of denial that night and not wanting to share her misfortune with anyone, she decides the next morning to visit Raziel.

Here starts her spiritual journey, as Raziel starts to unfold her past and how it is all related to her sickness, he shares his knowledge of the Secret of XII, and the importance to commence a period of healing so that she can prepare herself for what is her ultimate purpose in life. Surprised and with some hope, she leaves his office and calls Maria.

Maria is the only friend Danielle has, energetic, always happy and optimistic and very much a New Age, Spiritual Yogi type of person. The opposite of what Danielle is or believes. They meet and Danielle shares her meeting with Raziel and his surprising accuracy on her past life. Maria goes on to share her views and how she is more than aware that Danielle and she have been together in another life. As they walk to the car, Danielle tells Maria that she does not have much time to live.

After a long and overwhelming conversation, they part, and Danielle decides to take a stroll in the park at Lake Eola. There she meets a homeless by choice, Vidal, who after giving him money, he takes it upon himself to share what he sees in her.

The evening could not get weirder, as he basically reaffirms Raziel remarks, and tells her that all will be revealed in due time.

As she goes through a period of healing, she starts to perceive people’s aura, a profound spiritual growth awakens and she starts to encounter visits from her mother, her grandfather and her father whom she had never met and all have passed away.

Her final visit to Raziel confirms her purpose, as she is revealed by her three spiritual guides what her purpose in life is.

Bedbound, accompanied by her brothers and Maria, they look towards the window to see a prodigious event, a flock of fireflies, glowing in the dark, that seem to be spelling out the word, “love.”

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