Solid liquid and Gas A yummy experiememt

Today we will experiment with the changes of matter while using ingredients for making pancakes

What is a solid? What does It's particles look like? How do they move around?

Particles are close together and vibrate because they are moving quickly. Solids are states in which matter stays in a fixed volume and shape.
What is a liquid? What does it's particles look like? How do they move around?

The particles are further away then a solid. They move fast. A liquid is the state in which matter maintains a fixed volume but adapts to the shape of its container.
What is a gas? What does it's particles look like? How do they move around?

The particles in a gas are far away from each other and move around slowly. A gas is the state in which matter expands to occupy whatever volume is available

Now let's talk about this in terms of PANCAKES!

Liquid mix. On a gas stove. Make a solid pancake
Step one:
Whisk the batter. This is our liquid pancake mix. Describe what you see and smell to a friend.
Step 2:
Now I will turn on the stove. What do you predict will happen when I pour the liquid batter on the pan? What do you think you will smell, hear, see?
Step 3:
Now that the pancakes are finished, describe what you taste, smell, and see. How was this different from step one?

Let's eat!!


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