Hidden Treasures and Peaceful Moments in the Parc du Jura Vaudois by Liza Zogib and Alexander Belokurov, DiversEarth

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We thought it was about time to have a look at the places around our home - within the Parc du Jura Vaudois in the French speaking part of Switzerland. What we found are some wonderful hidden treasures where nature, local culture and spirituality come together. A rich cultural heritage that provides the visitor to the park with an insight into local history, a sense of tranquility and of course links with the wonderful nature the area is known for.

Parc du Jura Vaudois headquarters, St George
Come with us on a journey to some of the amazing places of peace in the Parc du Jura Vaudois. You might be surprised!
Parc du Jura Vaudois: 530km2, 30 communes, 32'000 people

Parc du Jura Vaudois

The Parc du Jura Vaudois is located between the cities of Geneva and Lausanne in Switzerland. It´s 530km2 extends from the top of the Dôle mountain to the medieval village of Romainmôtier. It is one of 19 parcs naturels regionals, or regional natural parks. In international terms it is a Community Conserved Area, as its protection is instigated and maintained by the local communities.

The Swiss Parks Network

There are 30 communes, around 32’000 people and an abundant array of wildlife including wolf, lynx, wild boar, deer and many more. The park has a label which is given to the rich array of local produce and Switzerland´s best cheese of 2018 originates in St George, the village also home to the park´s headquarters.

Parc Jura vaudois | Parc naturel régional Jura vaudois

St George village
We wanted to check out the 'sacred sites' of the park and we give you a glimpse of some of the wonderful places we found.
Spring season in Parc du Jura Vaudois


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