"Caring Campaign" Fairfield medical Center :15, :30, & :60

Objective: We want to introduce Fairfield Medical Center to the central Ohio market. The ad should be directed to females, ages 45 and older. We want to show people that the experience they receive at Fairfield Medical Center is unlike any other healthcare facility. The way that we treat our patients, their loved ones and each other, along with providing elite level healthcare, is what makes Fairfield Medical Center a destination selection when seeking care. It is important to us that the messages are delivered from a patient perspective.

Video Objective: Filming of the caring campaign, will consist of capturing the hospital services, staff, and environment with a clean and vibrant look and a empathetic and emotionally connecting feel. Leaving the viewer with the insight of expertise of the staff, but also with a deeper sense of connection to Fairfield Medical Center. To stay consistent with the print campaign already created, Clum Creative will walk the path with actual patients, get testimonials and experiences and re-create special moments that happened during their stay at the hospital. The :15 second piece will be a straight to the point introductory spot that will be informative with great shot showcasing hospital and staff. The :30 spot will be service driven to showcase all of the services provided by the hospital (Cancer, Vascular, Maternity, Cardio, etc...). The :60 second spot will be story driven, as well as consist of some of the services offered. Ideally since our focus is 45 plus, we target the proper former patient that has a story that the target audience can relate to and connect with, while eliciting an emotional response. (We will most likely capture up to 3 stories, giving Fairfield a chance to create additional social media pieces, or have a variety of :60's that they can place).

:60 Concept: Older woman with a white background, she begins discussing a moment she had experienced at Fairfield. "and on this spring day my granddaughter was playing outside, and suddenly had an asthma attack, I quickly brought her into the ER. And the staff instantly knew there was an issue. The Doctor we met with took there time with her, spoke to her gently with confidence and assured us they'd care for her. At the end of the visit, they gave us all the information we needed to key an eye on our little princess. Straight to the camera, I'll always choose Fairfield Medical Center, because they care." Faded in end graphic (Graphic of Hospital and location & contact info) & VO, "Caring for this community for over 100 years).

Showcasing Hospital & Staff interacting with patients in a friendly & caring way.

Reenacting a moment from a testimonial, "When I thought no one was there for me, a nurse from Fairfield, held my hand and let me know that everything was going to be ok."

Women’s social currency consists of stories and personal details. They trade them, save them and value them.

Women connect through affinity with others and establish links that highlight similarities. They focus on empathy- so your marketing should as well.

Showcasing Woman staff, caring and addressing patients in a comfortable professional setting.

With the Target audience being 45+, they will also be thinking about the healthcare of their children and especially their grandchildren, so touching on casting a child coming in with her family (Grandparents), would be an integral part of the campaign.

Target Audience: Woman 45 + in the Lancaster & Surrounding areas. Women have a multiplier effect. They are multiple markets in one. Because women serve as primary caregivers for children and the elderly in virtually every society in the world, women buy on behalf of the people who live in their households, as well as for extended family (such as older parents and in-laws) and friends. (forbes.com).

Aesthetic: The video that will be produced for this campaign, will be clean and vibrant.

Casting: Actual patients and staff, to give it a realism and believability factor.

Timeline: 2 Weeks to complete the script & logistics for talent and areas in the hospital for filming. 1 scout day with keys members of the team. 2-3 shoot days depending on logistics & talent availability. 2 weeks post production.

Referenced Sites: http://martibarletta.com/category/advertising-to-women/, https://www.forbes.com/sites/bridgetbrennan/2015/01/21/top-10-things-everyone-should-know-about-women-consumers/#7f0012616a8b,

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