Jacey Gutknecht Loyola University, Photography course 2020

For this course I mainly used my Canon 5d mark iv, but I also used my iPhone 11 for a couple assignments. My DSLR worked great for me because it's the camera I'm most familiar with and I love it's capabilities.

I enjoyed using both Adobe Spark as well as Clips for this course because they were apps that I had never used before. I think that knowledge will be handy for social media posts and possibly advertisements.

A lesson I learned from this course is to pay more attention to what angles I'm using and to add more variety. I also learned to keep leading lines in mind while shooting.

My favorite assignment was the portrait photos. Portraits are what I love and what I do most often so it was a fun week for me.

A challenge I had was using my iPhone instead of my DSLR camera. I'm so use to the capabilities of my camera that switching to my iPhone was a bit difficult at times because I couldn't always get the shots that I wanted or the clarity that my DSLR delivers.

I felt like everyone in our class was very complimentary and encouraging to each other as well as provided good feedback. Some feedback that I got from my mom was that she liked that I was stepping out from the usual subjects I take pictures of.