Olivia's Photography Porflio OLivia.l asia sumas student grade 7

This is my landscape, the effects I used were vignette,blur and sharpness, Why I think this is an important because Mount.Baker is what we see everyday and I thought it might be nice to see it in a different way.


This is my dark photo and The effects I used were vignette and one of the overlays (but the photo is in full size so you cant see the overlay) and I chose this because the first time I entered The gym I was Like "wow its so HUGE" and It was one of my first memories.
This is my light but it kinda is between light and dark because I added vignette and nothing else really, But this my picture of the monkey bars( P.S. I'm not to sure what they're really called). And I chose this was because I have lots of Important memories on monkey bars.
This is my macro of Sara's eye, The effect I used was splash. The thing that I thought about while taking this photo was " sara hold still!". I chose it because Sara's eye has many different colours to it.
This is my H20 one of a water bottle after a few days. The effects I used were sharpness and vignette, I chose this because 1. it technically is a form of H2O and 2. is when I used to play soccer and my teammates and I would always throw plastic water bottles at one another.
This is my portrait of Zoie's face the effects I used were vignette and sharpness, the reason why I chose this photo was well everyone looks different and I wanted to capture that in this and what I mean is everyone is one-of-a-kind (in a very good way).
This is my abstract of Mr.Walters computer part art, the effect I used was sharpness. I chose this because I REALLY like parts of technology (because I think its so neat just the way its designed and built).
This is my choice of the photo I chose, This is one of the the gr.8 christmas cards and the effect I used was vignette. I chose this photo because it was christmas time.
This is my double exposure of Tim Burton and the galaxy of WONDERSSSSSSsssssssss(not really) and I used pixlr to edit my photo of WONDERSSSSSSSSsssssss. I chose these two photos because to me Tim Burton is a man who has this twisted personality kinda like a galaxy of....... WONDERSSSSSssssss and I chose the galaxy because I thought it represented him (because his mind is like a twisted galaxy.
This is my dream of Mr.Walters Dvd's, The effects used were vignette and cheshire. I chose this because well first of all I was inspired by Ivy's photo and it kinda connected with for movie night friday's with my FAM!

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