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"HIV Matters! Foundations for practise"

This is an interactive on-line presentation of a classroom session I frequently present across a wide range of nursing, midwifery and paramedic science programmes at the University of Greenwich. This Foundations for Practise session will also be supplemented with others, such as "Patient Pathways for Care", "National and International", etc. but the core foundations are good across all of the specific individual module focused ones.

Your teacher for this learning: Who am I?

HIV foundations - where are we, today?

Data from PHE, 15 March 2020

Click this link for the video: HIV foundations - setting the scene for 2019 - and the Intended Learning Outcomes

What's your knowledge like, on HIV transmission? Try this quiz for starters ...

True? False? Maybe? Have a look at the two slides, following. Answer the questions as quickly and as best as you can, then watch the video feedback, telling you all the answers and giving you explanations and further details.

Click this link - for video feedback from the quiz

Click this link - for a brief video on the primary modes of HIV transmissions

The NMC Code of Conduct - applying Section 1 to caring for people living with HIV infection and disease

Study the wording from the Code, sentence by sentence, and see in this a clear and direct reference to working with people living with HIV, whether that's in health promotion and disease prevention, e.g. talking condoms and safer sex, right through to actual care of clients or patients, and challenging ALL forms of stigma, prejudice and discrimination in others, including other health care professionals!

Pathophysiology of HIV infection & disease

Click this link for the video on pathophysiology

Stay calm! Here's what to do if accidents happen - click for the video

What difference can I make?

Check the video on how you can adapt the knowledge from this resource and apply it across your own fields of practice and learning.

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If you want to check out some of my own personal stories, from my early days working as a nurse on an HIV in-patient unit, click this link to WordPress

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