Getting Prepared A City Perspective

When Hurricane Harvey bared down on the Coastal Bend last August, the City of Corpus Christi and its employees were ready.

Whether it was preparing for the storm in the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), on the streets, the moments leading up to Harvey were a test of the years of training and preparation staff has undergone.

The EOC in the day leading up to Hurricane Harvey's landfall

Staff worked around the clock to ensure the security of the City and the safety of our citizens.

Officers directed traffic to ensure everyone could get sandbags to protect their homes. After the storm, officers were on standby to ensure streets were safe for residents.

Animal Care Services ensured all animals were safely evacuated. CCACS also took in pets who found themselves lost after the storm.

Staff worked with State officials to arrange the safe transport of all who needed it to San Antonio. The service is free for all residents who do not have a way to evacuate.

Storm Water Utilities staff worked to clear out storm drains across the City to prepare for potential flooding in the area.

Once the storm cleared, City crews wasted no time fixing signal lights blown over by high winds, removing storm debris off city streets and testing our water supply to help bring everything back to normal as soon as possible.

City crews began clean up as soon as the storm passed the area.

City storm preparations are in place, employees undergo training, practice drills and know their responsibilities. These are the men and woman, the public servants, who proudly serve the residents of Corpus Christi through all times. Meet them at the 2018 Storm Expo on June 16 at the American Bank Center.

City departments will have booths to show you more about the work they do before during and after a storm to protect the City and our citizens. Join us!

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