Ancient Rome Travel Guide By:Isabella Helmick

Rome is located in Italy. It is located at the Tiber River in the west central of the country and about 23 km east of the boarder of the Mediterranean sea.

The temperature of Rome is warm. In winter it rains more then in the summer. The average Temperature is about 15.7 c or 60 degrees.
One of Romes major cities is Antioch it was a city in Syria and now a town in turkey.
Trajan's Market is like a multi level shopping mall, people who come there would most likely go to the shop keeper to be served. There are alley ways that had mini shops in them.
Roman theater plays were preformed during religious ceremonies. They did this to honor their, if the actors where professional they got paid.
The Romans wanted their art to be useful and theater to be entertaining. The Romans built a lot of places like public baths, aqueducts, bridges, markets, apartments and harbors. The Roman theater was for plays, the most common play was comedy.

The early Roman people got their culture from their neighbors. The Roman empire spread the culture through Rome which affected areas of the modern Rome. Some names of the Roman gods appear in constellations.

Some of the food that Romans ate were fish, shellfish, figs and seaweed. Most of the Romans lived off of the ocean because of all the sea food they ate, also the Romans ate farmed food.
The oldest person in the family would rule the house hold and children. If the children disobeyed him he had the right to disown them, sell them into slavery or kill them.
Some of the gods they worshiped where Mars, god of war, Minerva, god of wisdom. All of the gods combined is called the phantom
The two main languages spoken in Rome are Latin and Greek. Latin in Rome is considered as the language of power.
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