Instructor Training So you want to be A Great Instructor

What does it take?

Contrary to popular belief, so called "qualifications" are not the route to becoming a great instructor. Hard skills, such as technical know-how, have to be excellent and such knowledge forms the basis of a good start but alongside that comes experience. The ability to paint-a-picture, drawn from personal experience puts perspective and reality, forefront in the participants mind. Most important, though, is your attitude and personality and your ability to convey the right things in the right way and at the right time. Supportive, empathetic and appropriately assertive.

"I can tell you and you will forget. I can show you and you might forget. If I involve you, you will always remember." Lao Tsu

Hard Skills

Navigation, Ropework, Search & Rescue, Communications, Electronics, Safety, Teamwork, Leadership, etc. You will learn every aspect of our syllabus, not only verbatim but also in relationship to different contexts and environments.

Soft Skills

Sitting on my shoulder, as I train others and then, me sitting on your shoulder, as I give you the opportunity to train others, you will learn for yourself what works and what doesn't - with a bit of guidance...


If you are receptive, I will teach you all I know. That's a promise! And after 36 years of polar stuff and over 40 (I've stopped counting now) years of expeditioning, I've learnt a thing or two.


By the end of your internship you will have done a total of 34 days of intense training and instruction, starting in beautiful Dartmoor, south west of England and ending just 800 miles from the True North Pole in Svalbard.

Further Development & Opportunities

Some of you will go onto take a crucial part in what is arguably the last true world first in polar expeditioning - #LASTPOLE. Some of you will go on to do amazing things for yourself and others and I will always have an ear for your problems and/or your amazing stories. Some of you will stay with me and Ice Warrior, for the foreseeable future.

If I can have achieved all this, then you have every chance of doing the same - and more!
Me - self portrait during the filming of Frozen Planet

Your Tutor - Jim McNeill

I am probably one of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers and have clocked up over 36 years of polar endeavours and over 40 years of rock climbing, mountaineering and expeditioning in many of the world's most remote and harshest environments. Unlike most explorers, I come from a very humble background, being born and brought up on a council estate in north London and firmly believe that if I can achieve what I've done to date, then most of you can, too.

Over the years I've selected, trained and led expedition teams into the wildest places on Earth and have held leadership roles in the environmental science sector, the military, the emergency services - as a fire and rescue specialist - and in senior commercial roles. I'm so lucky!

My safety skills and experience in extreme environments are used by companies like the BBC, where I've been integral to productions such as Frozen Planet, Human Planet, Last Explorers, Natural World Series, to companies building and testing helicopters and airliners, to mining and prospecting companies; even the odd blockbuster movie such as Captain America. I can hardly believe it!

In January 2001, I created the ‘Ice Warrior Project' with the idea of emulating the heroic era, that first inspired me, and bringing the reality of global climate change to audiences around the globe. Since then, I've trained over 380 people, conducted 7 major expeditions and been cited in many scientific papers and leading publications. The story will continue next year, when I will lead my third attempt at achieving the last great world ‘first’ in polar expeditioning - to be the first person to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility, at the very centre of the Arctic Ocean. The “first” doesn’t really excite me but this is not only a massive endeavour but a crucial scientific data-gathering exercise for the betterment of humankind; which does float my boat!

Throughout my life I have taught others to reach and realise their potential and if you give me the chance I will do the same for you!

Ski Training in Svalbard - leaving our base in Nybyen - Arctic Novices
Two Ice Warrior Teams - Ellesmere Island, Canada.
Lucky enough to have worked on these landmark productions

Let Me Realise Your Outdoor Potential

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