Maui Hawaii By: Jill savage


Flying by planes both ways unless you already live on the island

Costs of Flight

One Stop (12+ hours): $991

Two stops (15+ hours): $1,193

How longs are the flights?

Depends on where your flying from but from the Midwest...

One Stop: 15 hours 15 minutes

Two Stops: 12 hours


The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Ka'anapali

Price: $341 per night

Grand Wailea

Price: $554 per night

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Price per Night: $679

Things to do in Maui Hawaii

Haleakala National Park


(Book in advance)

Just walking: Free

Sunrise Tour: $139.00

Adventure Tour: $179.00

This park is a great place to come if you want to have a cost free relaxing day and explore the beautiful park or you could pay the cost and take a tour and explore even further!

Molokini And Turtle Arches Snorkeling Trip

Cost: $117.00 per person

This place is a great place to visit on your stay as you explore under the water and discover over 250 species of fish. Its also a great family oriented adventure!

Blue Water Rafting


Kanaio Coast Ride:

Adult: $115

Child- $94

Molokini Express:

Adult: $57

Child- $47

Blue water rafting is a great attraction to visit on your stay as it is fun for all ages. Come here and chose from a variety of packages with various costs and lengths that fit for you. Order your tickets ahead of time and enjoy the ride!

Places to Eat in Maui

Merriman's Maui

Cost: $$$

Time spent here: 1.5-2 hours

Hours: 3pm-9pm

Types of food: seafood, pasta, salad and more

Come to Merriman's Maui to enjoy some great food while you listen to music as you eat played by wonderful musicians and enjoy the view of the water and sights around. There is food for everyone so come and enjoy!

Coconut's Fish Cafe

Cost: $$

Time Spent Here: 1-2 hours

Hours: 10am-9pm

Type of foods here: fish and chips, tacos, sandwiches and pasta (all mostly seafood based)

Come to Coconut's Fish Cafe and enjoy a meal at a restaurant fit for all family members and enjoy the "aloha" culture in the restaurant as you eat your meal!

Kihei Caffe

Cost: $

Types of food: coffee, omelets, cinnamon rolls etc.

Times spent here: 30min- 1 hour 30 min

Hours: 5am-2pm

Tired of seafood? well then come to the kihei caffe and enjoy so cinnamon rolls, coffee and all the breakfast foods you can imagine before your busy day at the beach!


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