Nike HyperAdapt The shoe of the future

This is the first ever self tying shoe to be created. It is based off of the movie Back to the Future II. The shoe adapts to the size of your foot and will tighten until it reaches a certain amount of tension. The product has a battery life of two weeks before it needs to be charged. It opens up a whole new market of shoes for other companies around the world to follow up on. Other shoe companies all around the world will know be racing to have the next technological update in shoes.
  1. Sensors find the weight and the position of your foot inside of the shoe
  2. Small pulleys tighten the shoe by winding string around a spool that is battery powered
  3. If the automatic size that is given to you is not good, you can manually tighten or loosen the shoe with plus and minus buttons.

The input for this device is the user's foot which determines how much the shoe tightens.

The output for this device is the laces that tighten depending on the size of the foot.

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