La Historia de España Nombre 8corazones

The Celtas were the first to invaden Spain.

  • They invaded peacefully without using much weaponry.
  • They took the Western part of Spain.

Next, the Iberos Invaded

  • They were from Africa.
  • They took the Eastern part of Spain.

Together they formed the Celtiberos.

  • They lived together in the middle of Spain.
  • They were the first actual civilización in Spain.

The Holy Roman Empire invaded Spain.

This is a picture of Segovia, a leftover from the Holy Roman Empire's invasion of Spain.

Once the Romans left, the Visigoths invaded.

  • They were German barbarians.

Next, The Moors Invaded

  • They were muslims escaping persecution from África.
  • They defeated the Visigoths and conquered nearly all of Spain.

La Reconquista

  • This was the continual fight between the Northern Christians and the Southern Muslims
  • Duró 300 years
An image of Toldedo
  • Toledo fue una cuidad of tolerance
  • Jews, Christians, and Muslims all tolerated each other there

El Cid was A hero during the RECONQUISTA.

In 1492 the last Moorish rey fue derratado

Reyes Catolicos

  • After the Moors were defeated, Catholic rulers took over.

The Spanish inquisition

  • All muslims were forced out of Spain or killed


  • Daughter of Spanish rulers Ferdinand and Isabel
  • Casó Filipe of the Habsburg family
  • Gobernó Spain

Carlos or Charles

  • Son of Juana and Felipe
  • Changed name from Carlos to Charles V
  • Conquered the Incas and Aztecs
  • Luchado the Protestant Reformation

Felipe II

  • Tried to create alianza with England by marrying Mary.
  • Could not have a baby boy, so alliance failed
  • Spain lost war against England in 1588

La Leyenda Negra

  • England and Portugal telling people not ir to Spain.

More habsburg kings

  • Felipe III and IV reinado Spain through the Edad de Oro.

The War For El Trono

  • Felipe IV's son, Carlos II, does not leave a heredero.
  • Eventually, Felipe V, The Bourbon grandson of Louis XIV becomes king.

The War of Spanish Independencia

  • Rebellion succeeds
  • Constitution of 1812 establecido a parliamentary monarchy

Fernando VII

  • Vuelve from Exile
  • Se hace cargo
  • Died 1833, leaving only hija, Isabel.

Isabel II

  • After a dispute between her and her tío on who would take the throne, she wins.
  • Removed from power in 1868 from the Revolución Gloriosa.

Some italiano dude

  • tried to rule Spain for three years
  • Él fallo

The Alfonsos

  • Bourbons rule again
  • Spain declina.
  • Alfonso XIII decides to let a general Militar establecer a dictadura from 1923-1931

The Second Republic of Spain

  • established from voto in 1931
  • da women rights, creates public schools, and separates Church and State.

civil war

  • General Francisco Franco organizar military revolt in 1936.
  • Fascist revuelta ayudado por Germany and Italy.
  • Fascists win = Nationalist Spain

francisco Franco

  • Dictator
  • put back gender roles, religion, regionalism, censorship.
  • Se deshizo de smart and artistic people
  • Servido until his death in 1975


  • Francisco Franco's successor Asesinado.
  • Juan Carlos toma his place
  • Juan declara Democracy!!!!
  • Suarez is elected in 1978
  • In 80's Felipe Gonzalez joins Nato and the EU


  • March 11th, 2004 Islamic terrorists placed bombs on commuter trains, killing 200, injuring over 2000

A New Direction

  • Jose luis Rodriguez Zapatero appointed Prime Minister two days after attack.
  • Took troops out of Iraq and legalized gay marriage
  • He was re-elected in 2008.
  • Spain still has a royal family, but they have no power.


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