Good Life Tour of the Harn by lee curry

This was my first time visiting the Harn Museum. It was more enjoyable than I though it was going to be. I definitely will visit again before my time at UF is up.

Medium of the Art: One of the first pieces of the art that drew my attention was the Seated Bodhisattva. Seeing something like this online I would probably just keep scrolling or not take too much attention to it. Although seeing it in person was a different experience. It was centered in a room full of Korean art in a large glass case. This made me notice the exhibit before I was even in the Korean art room. It drew my attention over to it and made me appreciate it more since I didn't have any other distractions and I was able read about it on the little card and physically see it with my eyes. The artist included gold in the Seated Bodhisattva and also wood. What stood out most was the age of the statue dating back to the 17th century. The artwork was a way to communicate the message of Buddha and a sense a calmness. It made me feel that art can be a way to time travel and continue to deliver messages to people without anyone having to explain. Its like a way to connect the past to the future and see similarities that have lasted all these years.

Design of the Museum: Despite my selfie taking skills, there was one section of the museum I enjoyed. The Asian garden that was outside by the Asian art room was very appealing to me because of the sense of serenity it gave off. It was also kinda rainy, drizzly outside and it just enhanced the aesthetics of the garden. The garden made me think about the weather. It wasn't a day when it was really hot and sticky out, it was nice and cool for a change and made me appreciate the garden more.

Art and Core Values: One of my biggest core values is relatability. I feel that this picture, Funeral, is a good example of how all different kinds of people can all share something in common. One of the basic human experiences is burying the dead and holding memorial services for the person. The artist also was interested in depicting basic human experiences, like funerals. It makes it seem like no matter how different someone may seem, you might have more in common than you think.

Art and the Good Life: This piece of art fits into the idea of standing around the statue and getting all kinds of perspectives. This is because this work's interpretation is all about perspective. To some it might just be a bunch of splatter on a canvas and to others they might see different animals, people dancing, or a display of emotion. It makes me sit back and think to have an open mind because people can see the world differently than I do and its a good idea to have an understanding of people and how they feel about similar topics.

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