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Color - PURPLE

For this activity we were challenged to create a color montage. You guessed it I selected PURPLE. To begin I set up my workspace by creating a folder for the project as well as sub asset folders for audio, images, etc. Next I went to Pexel, which is a website I have my students use all the time, to gather CC images. Preparing our students for the real industry and teaching them about copyright is a HUGE part of this process. Finally I imported my images to Premiere, cut and arranged them in order of color intensity while making the first and last two images longer lasting. Last I exported my video to YouTube using the H264 format. This was a great project to teach the very basic concepts in Premiere. I plan on using this exact activity in the future to teach my students.

Dance Montage

The challenge for this activity was to create a video montage, I selected movement as my focus, and incorporate music, transitions, different shot types and video length. I filmed a dance promotional video for my school for the footage and had it gradually become more complex in movement, as well as color. I loved this activity and I have decided to use it in my own Media Technology class. Hope you enjoy!

Shot Reverse Shot

For this activity we learned about shot reverse shot and how to use the 180 degree rule. When filming you always want to keep the camera on the same side of the line when filming. If you switch or move to the other side it can confuse the viewer and they have a difficult time understanding the perspective of the film.


For this activity we learned about increasing the momentum of a film by switching to cut away or close up shots. The hardest part about this is getting the videos placed just so and using the sounds to help transition from one to the next. For example, identifying how much of the door is closed which switching from inside to outside.


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