Who was George Washington? by willem

George Washington was good at strategic plans and won many battles. One of his major accomplishments was being named commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.
In his early years he was born in Virgina 2-22-1732 .His parents were Mary Washington and Augustine Washington. His occupation was surveying . . He had five full siblings and 3 half sibllings. He had no formal education. His mother was over protective and would not let him go outside.

In George Washington's middle years he worked in the military. He liked horses ,hunting and cards. He married Martha Washington on January 6 1759. His children were Arabian and Magonolia. They lived in Virginia. He went to Barbados to help his with his wife's illness.

His later job was being the president of the United States of America. He also liked to farm a lot and experiment on crops.

He retired to Mount Vernon. He died because of a throat infection on December 14,1799.

George Washington will never be forgotten.

And today because of him we are are own free country


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