Kate Barlow to kiss'in kate

Kate was a nice school teacher to all,but once the one she loved died she snapped. She became a criminal that killed and robbed any bank that could get her money. I still believe that the real Kate is in there because she still has the love for Sam,she is robbing and killing for same.

Kate was a nice and caring teacher. She taught people for free just so someone could get a education. She loved to teach and even when one of her students were about to rob her, she recognized her. "No you did a wonderful job"(Sachar:1998)

Nice teacher Kate

Kate was sweet little innocent teacher well until Sam died. She taught for all,even if they are as stupid as Trout Walker.

She stole tons of money from tons of banks and she never got caught by the sheriffs.

After every kill she would apply a fresh coat of lip stick and kiss them to mark that she killed them. She always kill the people NEVER the other way around, she's killed many people and will keep going well until she's the one dying. she'd only kiss the people that she kills not the people she rob's.

The Kate Barlow everyone knew and once loved became a outlaw to all. The people wanted her dead or alive to them it did not matter. She robbed and killed to many people and banks.

Her killing was for sam

Once trout walker has come she basically gave up because trout wanted her loot he wanted her gold and money. Once a yellow spotted lizard came and bit her she died laughing. "Where'd you bury it"(Sachar:1998)

Kate is a outlaw where she is and takes loot and gold from anyone and I mean anyone.

Kate was a sweet,caring,and nice teacher,and more importantly a friend to all. Well until trout burned down the school,shot Mary Lou in the head and killed Sam. After that day she was done she went to the sheriff,shot him and then gave him a kiss with dark red lip stick."You still want that kiss *bang*"(Sachar:1998)

Her bad side vs her good side.

Kiss'in Kate Barlow killed the sheriff after Trout and his gang killed Sam. After every kill she gives them a kiss with red lip stick. She want to make sure that the people know that she killed who ever. She is a outlaw.

I still think the real Kate is in there but deep deep down in her heart. People change but the old and real one is still there somewhere.


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