Sean Bowers leader and learner

My name is Sean Bowers and I am a hospitality major and a public affairs minor. I chose behavioral and social sciences because I believe that they are very interesting areas of study. My career goals for after graduation is to become a firefighter. This has been something I've always wanted to do since I was younger. I currently serve in the United States Army and am very passionate about America and all our country has to offer.

A Little more about me

When I started college I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Well it turns out I wanted to do a lot of things. It was hard to narrow it down to just one major which is why I finally came to the interdisciplinary major. It allowed me to excel in many areas. I have learned how to think critically and solve problems that I otherwise would not be able too. I have also learned how to use many different areas and how they can come together. I want to use these skills to better my career and in my everyday life.

My Education

I am born and raised in Orlando, Florida! my college education started back in 2012 when I moved away from home to the Florida State capital, Tallahassee and attended community college there for two years. I then moved back home to attend UCF. during this time I decided to join the military and really see what the world is all about. which brings me to my current education. I now live in the beautiful state of Hawaii while finishing my degree at UCF.

Other Career Goals of Mine

I am Currently pursuing my bachelors degree in interdisciplinary studies at The University of Central Florida. I would like to enter the career path of a loan officer in the state of florida. Going to college, purchasing your first car, and purchasing your first home are just some of the many milestone in life that we come across. I want to be there each step of the way for people and advise them on the best financial loan they are eligible for. This field requires the skills to relate and talk to customers and make them feel more comfortable and at ease with the decisions they are making. Applying for loans can be a very stressful and intimidating thing to do. I believe that I have the skills to apply myself, be organized, and have a meaningful disposition. I want to use these skills to help people make difficult decisions and use my knowledge to guide them in the right position. have a positive attitude and a good worth ethic is needed in order to succeed in this field. I will bring fresh and youthful energy to the table and work as hard as I can to make my customers happy. For fun, I love to do anything outdoors. Wether that is fishing, hunting, or surfing.

My Skills and Hobbies

This is my dog Busch he is an American yellow lab and is now almost 4!

Me and my Cousin the day I finished basic training, a day that I will never forget! I learned so many valuable skills for example; discipline, courage, and strength.

One of my hobbies includes fishing and being outdoors as much as possible.

Another one of my hobbies includes surfing, I do it as much as possible!

A weird fact about me: I love hot pot, its probably my favorite kind of food!

Where I've been

Through my job in the Military I have been able to experience a lot. It has pushed me to be outside my comfort zone and made me a better person

I got to volunteer for the USS Arizona which was a huge deal to me. I learned about the history and about the ship. not only did I learn a lot but I got to see parts of the ship that noon else gets to see. It is something I'll never forget.

Through my time at UCF and specifically through my Interdisciplinary studies I got the opportunity to volunteer with adopt a highway. this is something I have always wanted to do but was never motivated to do. this major has made me get out there and actually do the things I am passionate about.


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