Sean Bowers leader and learner

My name is Sean Bowers and I am a hospitality major and a public affairs minor. I chose behavioral and social sciences because I believe that they are very interesting areas of study. My career goals for after graduation is to become a firefighter. This has been something I've always wanted to do since i was younger. For fun, I love to do anything outdoors. Wether that is fishing, hunting, or surfing.

Here is a look at the classes I have taken to help you get a better understanding of me!

HFT3540 Guest Services Management I Fall 2014 This course was aimed towards learning about customer service and Had many presentations which helped me a lot.

HFT3603 Legal Environmental Hospitality and Tourism Fall 2014 In this class I learned the legal aspect of hospitality industry for example if somone where to spill hot cofee and the person decides to sue. What do you do?

HFT1000 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Fall 2014 This course was an introduction to hospitality. We focused on orlando and how large the hospitality industry is there.

HFT3540 Hospitality Human resources Management Fall 2014 I learned the processes of hiring and firing employees in the correct manner, I also learned the laws of the workplace, for example, sexual relations at work.

HFT2254 Lodging Operations Spring 2015 This course was all about labor costs and the time of labor. I also learned the sizes of hotels and how much it costs to run them.

HFT2500 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Spring 2015 This course taught me about how to target the right audience for your business.

HFT3263 Restaurant Management Spring 2015 I learned how hard it is to run a restaurant, and how small of a percentage are succesful at opening and keeping a restaurant open.

HFT3431 Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting Spring 2015 I learned a lot about analyzing financial records so management can figure out decisions for the future of the company.

FSS2221C Techniques of Food Preparation Summer 2015 I learned how to cook and most importantly how to make the meal correctly in order to avoid food illness.

HFT2750 The Event Industry Summer 2015 I learned about budgeting for the right amount of people. For example, If you had a wedding, you would need to serve the right amount not overor under serve.

HFT3273 Principles of Resort Timeshare Summer 2015 This course was about the growing timeshare locations and how much money it takes to run one.

HFT4755 Theme Park Attraction Management Summer 2015 I learned a lot about seaworld and we took a class field trip and talked bout the controversy of using animals as entertainmet.

A Little more about me

When I started college I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Well it turns out I wanted to do a lot of things. It was hard to narrow it down to just one major which is why I finally came to the interdisciplinary major. It allowed me to excel in many areas. I have learned how to think critically and solve problems that I otherwise would not be able too. I have also learned how to use many different areas and how they can come together. I want to use these skills to better my career and in my everyday life.


Sean Bowers

1407 Noble St Longwood FL 32750

407 461 7445

Objective I am currently a University of Central Florida student looking to further my career in the Loan industry.

Experience 2013-2014 UPS Preloader

My job consisted of sorting through packages and loading them onto the trucks themselves.

2015- present United States Army

I am currently enlisted in the army. My Job is in communication signals collection and processing. The army has taught me discipline, respect, and how to work well with others.

Education 2008-2012 Bishop Moore Catholic High School

2012-2014 Tallahassee Community college

2014-Present University of Central Florida


Currently I have no artifacts to include but with the help of UCF and their resources I will soon be able to add some experience to my portfolio. I recently interviewed a mortgage loan officer and am working on being able to shadow him and learn more about my desired field.

What are my goals?

I am Currently pursuing my bachelors degree in interdisciplinary studies at The University of Central Florida. I would like to enter the career path of a loan officer in the state of florida. Going to college, purchasing your first car, and purchasing your first home are just some of the many milestone in life that we come across. I want to be there each step of the way for people and advise them on the best financial loan they are eligible for. This field requires the skills to relate and talk to customers and make them feel more comfortable and at ease with the decisions they are making. Applying for loans can be a very stressful and intimidating thing to do. I believe that I have the skills to apply myself, be organized, and have a meaningful disposition. I want to use these skills to help people make difficult decisions and use my knowledge to guide them in the right position. have a positive attitude and a good worth ethic is needed in order to succeed in this field. I will bring fresh and youthful energy to the table and work as hard as I can to make my customers happy.

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