Private Lighting Workshop Keith Eisele - Fort Collins, CO

Simple softbox on white background

Gridded softbox on white background

Beauty dish with grid

Gridded softbox on brown

Gridded softbox on brown with silver side reflector

Gridded softbox on brown with gridded back floor light

Tom adding gridded floor light to B side of pack

Head to toe on white with two softboxes (no grids) at 45 degree angles

Backlit with large softbox and 45 degree secondary front light (Cross lit)

Ayla on green door with simple softbox

Ayla in recessed door for shade with simple softbox

Ayla on bench with simple softbox held high overhead

Backlit with simple softbox and sun for hair light

Simple softbox shot from low angle to include more sky

Simple reflector head with grid for edgy spotlight - less spread on bricks. Held high overhead

Fire escape with simple softbox for softer look

And that's a wrap!

Created By
Cree Bol


Tom and Cree Bol