The History Behind Odyssey By : jai vang

What was the Trojan War?

The Trojan War was a Greek mythology, the war was between Greeks and the people of Troy.

What Was the Trojan War about?

The Trojan War began when Trojan prince Pairs abducted Helen, Menelaus of Sparta's wife. Soon Menelaus demanded Helen back but Trojan prince Pairs refused to return her . Than Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon lead an army against prince Pairs.

When Did the War begin and end ?

The War between the Greeks and Troy started and end was 1184 BC - 1194 BC. The Trojan War lasted for ten years .

Who Were the major player in the War?

Agamemnon: the leader of the Greek army.

Ajax: one of the greatest warriors.

Odysseus: wise Greek warrior,thought of the Trojan horse.

Helen: Prince Pairs abducted her

Menelaus: husband of Helen and told his brothers army to fight Troy.

Hector: prince of Troy , best warrior in Trojan

Who was Homer?

Homer was famous for the epic poem he wrote about Odyssey, which the poem was about the western culture.

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