Syria Current Events By:Thomas Palmer

The attack was a horrific attack that was orchestrated by the Syrian regime. They intentionally bombed a rebel held village with chemical weapons. The target was rebel military troops. How ever no troops were killed but instead many civilians including many children were killed. This is the worst chemical attack to date in Syria. The Syrian government denies involvement in this attack.
In this article the Syrian regime dropped many bombs filled with sarin nerve gas in a rebel held village. There were 70 civilians who died, including 10 children. The only deaths were civilians. World wide outcry has reached all corners oft he world. This has led the Syrian and Russian regimes to deny the attacks.
In this article the author talks about how 158 million people have fled Syria because of the Civil War. That is the equivalent of the west and midwest United States leaving. Most of these people have fled to nearby countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Many more have gone to Europe because of crowding in other countries. However,come have found refuge in the wealthy gulf states.
In my opinion the Syrian regime is guilty of murdering their own citizens. I think they did this to try and scare civilians to turn to their side. I also think they did this to differ more civilians from joining the rebel cause. However I feel as if this had the opposite effect on them, I feel like this caused more civilians to turn to the rebels for help and protection from the government. I included an article on the refugee crisis because these chemical attacks explained why all these people are leaving. I think that if more people in safer countries knew what these people were going through they would be happy to let them in. In conclusion the Syrian regime did use chemical weapons against there own people. This is extremely illegal and Bashar should be persecuted for war crimes. I hope that the US response is swift and sends a message to the Syrian regime.

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