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The Florida Museum of Natural History was a great place for all of us to take a step back and realize what is around us everyday. I found myself much more appreciative of the little things that were surrounding me. I was also amazed at the beauty of some of the wildlife in the exhibits. It is astounding to me that Florida has so many different species. It is a true ecological blend of multiple organisms. In addition, the butterfly exhibit in the outdoors was a real treat. There were butterflies floating around carelessly and it was ver neat to see.

Nature on Display

The favorite exhibit which I went to was the one with the butterflies on display. There was a big board with pegs upon which butterflies were nailed. I couldn't believe some of those little guys posted on the board and I was fascinated by the size of some of them. There were also a variety of colors, designs, wing shapes, and wingspans. I mean it is just ridiculous how big they were. I have never seen any that size in my life. I think it was awesome that there were so many types of butterflies on display as well. It made me interested in exploring the wilderness and trying to see if I could find some of the ones exhibited in the museum. The medium used certainly helped me to see the amounts of variety seen in butterflies much better than any book. I was able to observe their different textures, antenna size, etc. I would say certainly that being able to enjoy this exhibit helped me to enjoy the experience of the museum.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum does allow me to appreciate the land; however, it does not provide me the true experience of living in and learning to love nature. In order for that to happen, one must be immersed fully in nature. It requires the individual to learn how things react and interact with each other. It teaches one do's and do not's much faster than could ever be taught in a classroom. Most of all, it teaches respect. Respect for the environment and the cycles of life. Respect for animals and their habitats. Respect for plants and the things that they provide. It is something that everyone man and woman MUST do in order to appreciate and respect our Earth. Part of the reason why we as a human race have been destroying the environment as of late is because of the disregard for what our actions do to others. If we considered these things, then we would not be facing the possible extinction of our planet. My friends that I went with to this museum believed the same things I did about the exhibits. They agree that we should respect the environment and must be aware of the harm we cause it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit helps us to appreciate what has come before us on Earth and also realize that the world is ever changing. We are a part of this great story of life which continues to move on and on. When we are gone, we will forever remain a chapter in the grand novel of life. It is with the other living things which we share this planet with that we are contributing to a part of history. Often times we do not take the time everyday, nor do we think about what impact we have upon history. There is nothing wrong with living in the present moment, but it is important every once in a while to learn from the past and consider the impact we will have on the future.


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