Duncan MacEachern enjoy the little things

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon

Some music I like

What I like to binge watch

Brands I appreciate

Adidas come out with some heat in 2016. Patagonia always gives back to nature. Supreme is unique and thinks outside the branding sphere. Stance socks took advantage of a market left behind, turning it into something spectacular.

3 people I'd like to have a dinner party with

The time period I'd like to visit

why not?

My passions

I've been playing guitar since the 6th grade and write my own music. The outdoors are my livelihood. I enjoy getting the heart-rate going and friends are always a good time.

Places I want to go in the next 10 years

My favorite place

If you haven't been here, go sometime.

Skills that may be of use

My “why” is my how. It pushes me every day to work and get a little better. Even when I don’t feel like getting up in the morning, but know I should, it drags me out of bed up on to my feet, and I like it.

I know my “why” will change throughout my life while the questions I need to ask myself will remain the same. This keeps me focused to overcome any unpredictable and inevitable obstacles that may come my way.

“Life is trying things to see if they work.” ~ Ray Bradbury


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