Negative Effects of Social Media By: jenna dinato

Students spend a lot of time on social media and on their phones. some students do not complete their homework because they are focused on what's happening online.

People can become addicted to social media. For example, internet shopping and online chatting. Many people will not put their phone down whether its on social media or shopping.

Whether you realized it or not social media is hurting yourself esteem. it is also messing with your confidence.

Teenagers are being bullied for pictures they post or send on social media. People will comment rude sayings on peoples post and it hurts their self esteem.

This is an example of someone whos life changed because of social media. This was a story of a girl named Amanda Todd who was bullied through social media and it did not end on a positive note because the bullying would not stop.

Audience: Negative effects of social media mainly target teenagers. Teenagers will be online on social media a lot of their day. Social media makes teenagers spend more money, alters their appetite which turns into eating disorders, hurts their self esteem, and reduces teenagers time for physical education.

Message: People on social media can say whatever they want in the comments but most of the time the rude commenters are not thinking about what they say because it can really hurt the person who has posted the picture.

Technique: People can say what they want with no repercussions.

There was a bullying comment under the post. People comment rude saying all the time under peoples posts and sometimes they don't understand that those comments really hurt peoples self esteem. and unfortunately could lead to eating disorders, low self esteem and even suicidal.

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