The Role of the Family as a Theme. By: The Kaitlyn Morado

"For you a thousand times over." The Kite Runner is about a young boy who betrays his bestfriend and carries the guilt from his childhood through his adulthood. Hosseini begins to develop the role of the family as a theme by showing how no matter the circumstance they are always there for one another. Such as Amir and his relationships with his Father, Hassan and Sohrab.

Baba demonstrates the role of family throughout the novel by leaving his life in afghanistan to give a better on in America. He had missed his old life and had adjusting to America, Amir would constantly ask if he wanted to go back and Baba would reply with "Besides I didn't bring us here for me, did I?" (p.130) This quote revealed how much Baba cared for Amir, to leave his old, wealthy and honored life to just working at a gas station. Baba was struggling and Amir could tell, all that he did in Kabul, and all that he was doing now was to give him a better life style. "My student hands, clean and soft, on his laborer's hand, grubby and colloused." (p.130) Amir now knew this was his one last gift from Baba.

Hassan plays a major role in Amir's family even though it's hidden from him practically his whole life, there are many times where this is shown like.. Baba lnever missing Hassan's birthday's and him constantly wanting Hassan to come along. Amir had asked Baba if he had ever thought about grtting new servants and Baba got offended, he had said "He's staying right here with us, where he belongs." (p.225) Amir never understand why he got upset about it, until later when Rahim Khan finally told Amir the truth, "I began to see where he was going. But I didn't want to hear the rest of it." (p.223) Amir had finally known why everything was so different, but what he really felt was the guilt of letting his own brother get raped right infront of him.

Amir's role of rescuing Sohrab helps the readers understand the importance of family, because although he and Sohrab hardly knew each other, he wanted to go save him. Once Amir had embraced Hassan as his brother he then knew the only way to make things right was for him to set out back to Afghanistan in search to find Sohrab. "I'm going to Kabul to find a boy, his father meant a lot to me, he was my half-brother." (p.237) To annone for what Baba had done by keeping his secret he set out to give Sohrab the life they never had. Futhermore; Amir shows the same love he had for Hassan by fighting against Assef, a Taliban offical. "My body was broken-but i felt healed. Healed at last." (p.289) Amir was satisfied now, he felt as if he had finally put a hault to the pain from his past.

Overall, Hosseini demonstrates strong bonds between families to show that family is always there no matter what.

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