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Featured this week:

  • Parents as Teachers: Muscatine Art Center Visit.
  • Colorado: Student Talent Show!
  • Colorado: Mrs. Stewart's 4th Grade Class.
  • Franklin: Mrs. Holder's 4th Grade Art Students.
  • Grant: Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st Grade and Mrs. Schliesman's 3rd Grade Classes.
  • Mulberry: Mrs. Evans' Kindergarten Class.
  • CMS: 6th Grade ELA Classes.
  • CMS: 6th Grade Social Studies Classes.
  • WMS: Mr. Rivera's 8th Grade Social Studies Classes.
  • MHS: Model U.N. Visits Chicago.
  • MHS: Muskie Girls Bowling!
  • MHS: Speech and Debate Team.
  • MHS: Mr. Johnson's Anatomy & Physiology Class.
  • District-wide Staff: February Employee Awards!


Parents as Teachers visited the Musser Art Center. Children were read a book and then illustrated "Who Will Plant A Tree?"


Colorado students held their talent show today! Lots of amazing talent showcased!

4th graders in Mrs. Stewart's class held a "Read with the One You Love" day today!


Franklin 4th graders Ashley, Abagail and Lucas decorated a cupcake cake to donate to the Muscatine High School cake auction tonight. They decorated the cupcake cake during their art extensions with Mrs. Holder. Go Muskies!


Mrs. Schliesman's 3rd graders and Mrs. Dusenberry's first graders used Habit 6 Synergizing!! They worked together to build a tower of ""Feetza!!"" It was stinky fun!!


Mrs. Evans' kindergarteners had great fun making their Valentine holders in preparation for Valentine's Day!


As a culminating activity for the Survival Unit, students in 6th grade ELA classes designed their own real life situation and portrayed a role while researching their chosen topic. They created a product/presentation to share with classmates on how to survive their situation. Pictured are students sharing using a Gallery Walk format.

Sixth graders at CMS are learning about how trade affects the world market. Students recently participated in a trade simulation where they experienced how supply and demand is affected by world events while assessing the needs of the citizens in their assigned country.


Eighth graders in Mr. Rivera's social studies classes have been studying the "Manifest Destiny." Students created Mind Mirrors to illustrate their learning. The Mind Mirrors had their eye symbols drawn to represent the hardships a group faced traveling west, the mouth symbols are reasons they traveled west, the hair symbols are the legacy they left behind and the nose is the territory they traveled.


Model UN students attended an international conference at the University of Chicago. They were joined by over 2,600 high school students and 200 undergraduate students to discuss and debate solutions to some of the most pressing issue of our time. Our delegation represented the Maldives, a chain of island nations off the southwest coast of India.

Students: Samara Perkins, Moriah Morter, Meghan Custis, Christa Colony, Saul Ocampo, Chris Kenefick, Leo Galoso, Micaiah Poffenbaugh, Will Zillig

The MHS Girls Bowling Team haven't lost a match in the last 11 years to a MAC conference team! Way to go Lady Muskies!

Front: Ragan Carey and Jaelynn Klein; Back: Brianna Casteel, Emily Payne, Gabi Evans, and Christin Swank.

Muskie Speech and Debate team came home with some hardware from the Des Moines North Speech and Debate Meet: Gabriel Dipple took 4th in Humorous Interpretation, Wyatt Mason took 4th in Program Oral Interpretation, Kjirstin Osland took 2nd in Original Oratory, Jeremiah Daniels took 1st in Program Oral Interpretation, Erin Elizalde took 6th in Original Oratory, Jessica Ahluwalia took 4th in Original Oratory, and Dalton Belokopitovs took 6th in Extemporaneous Speaking.

Students in Mr. Johnson's Anatomy & Physiology class have been studying the human muscular system. Today they culminated their studies of the role of ATP in muscle contraction with labs to analyze how exhausting available ATP stores leads to fatigue and eventual muscle failure.


The MCSD Employee Recognition Award is for those employees who go above and beyond on a continual basis for students, staff, and/or parents. Nominations can come from community members, parents, and staff members. The district would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and congratulate February’s best of the best at MCSD!

TOP: Nicky Sand - Grant/Mulberry Music Teacher; Shauna Dennison - CMS Assistant Prinicipal, Mary Spratt - McKinley Kindergarten Teacher; BOTTOM: Angie Curtis - WMS ELP/TAG Teacher, and Erin Thomas - MHS Special Ed Teacher.

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