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Originality: Is it dead or Alive? (Summary)


The Author of this article believes that nothing in photography is original. He believes that it is the photographers job to make the picture seem new. A truly great picture depends on the originality of the era that it in. Two photographers can take pictures of the same background, but the picture will always be different because of perspective. According to the author, photography in the future will be rediscovered. Photographers will bring back old styles and change them. The way to have popular photos is to have your work stand out.

The Photographic Eye (Summary)

The Photographic Eye by: Michael F. O'Brien & Norman Sibley

Photography is an art and a science. It is an art because, it expresses personnel vision and a science because technology is used. To be good at photography, you have to first learn techniques. The beauty that comes out of the camera is made by the photographer using their artistic visions. Some things that artist should think about when taking a picture: How will the lighting affect the clarity and mood of the photography? How fast should the shutter speed be? How large a lens opening should be used? These factors will change the picture an influence each other. When a photographer learns to control theses factors, they will be able to chose they effect that they want on their pictures.

Pinhole Photography -Lea Hunter

Pinhole Photographer: Justin Quinell

Justin Quinell is a professional pinhole photographer. He uses recyclable material to create his very own pinhole cameras. Some of the recycled material he uses are empty beer cans, huge water containers, and boxes.

What is Photography?

Photography is an abstract form of art. Some people believe that photography isn't an art, but professional photographers disagree. Photography can be used to express many different emotions with one click of a button. Photos are used to capture already beautiful things and save them for later or to show the pictures to other people.

Is Photography Art?

Photography is an art for people that can not draw, paint, or sculpt. Photos capture beauty just as a nicely painted picture would. The only difference is a photograph is a more realistic capture of the moment. Each photographer can use his/her creativity in different ways to take the same picture. This would then make every picture different. No two pictures can be the same, just as no two pieces of art can be the same. Photography is art because it requires skill, creativity, and a vision.

iPhone Photographer: Philippe González

González uses strong backlight to take his pictures. His work inspires me because I'm always places where there is too much light. Usually, I wouldn't take the picture because of the bad lighting, but now I can use the lighting to my advantage. When González takes his pictures, the light source is behind the subject that is being captured. Philippe González uses the apple app "Hipstomatic" to edit his iPhone photographs.

My Improvement Plan

When I take more photos, I'm going to focus on focusing my photo on a single subject. Philippe González's work (above) inspired me to want to improve on this because focusing on a central idea made his pictures look a lot cleaner. His work also inspires me to play with lighting and experiment with different ways to light my pictures. Having read The Photographic Eye by Michael F. O'Brien & Norman Sibley has also inspired me to consider the role of light while taking photos. To do this, I will first need to research the different methods of lighting in relation to photography. After I research it, I'll try the different methods and find one that works for me.

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