Hydroelectricity Joey bales

Hydroelectricity is the creating of energy through moving water. It accounts for seven percent of total energy in the world. It is the most important and widely used renewable source of energy. The energy is produced by a gate lifted from a dam and falls into a turbine which puts energy into a generator.

The hoover damn can produce 2,000 megawatts of energy. The energy gives 8 million people I Arizona, California, and Nevada energy.

Hydroelectricity creates no pollution to the environment. It also reduces green house gases. There are many advantages while using this form of energy, this energy source can be used over and over again since the force of water creates the energy.

The technology is proven and reliable over time. Many people rely on the energy and have one of the best sources of energy.

Water is the only natural substance that's found in the three physical states, solid liquid, and gas at the normal temperature on Earth.

Water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. Altitude affects the waters boiling point. The higher in altitude you are, the longer it will take for you to boil.

Acid rain has a water Ph of 14. The normal Ph of water is 7.

When water freezes, it expands. Waters heat index is very high which is why it causes so much heat to warm water. The chemical composition for water is H2o. Which means it has hydrogen and oxygen chemicals in it.


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