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Purpose of the video

To create a campaign that shows how Hill Country Christian School is making an impact on the world for Christ; to move the audience to help HCCS grow.


Five 1-3 minute films as digital files (1080p) and (720p) web versions. (B-roll and Interview footage of 3 additional stories will be scheduled for editing at a later date in 2019 and will be billed separately).

Target Demographic

Parents, alumni, extended family, friends and community. These groups are all touched by HCCS in some way.

the story

For over two decades, Hill Country Christian School has nurtured spiritual growth in students and their families. Hill Country also cultivates academic growth through a rigorous classical education that sets their students up for success in higher education and beyond. They also encourage physical and artistic growth by allowing students to excel in extracurricular opportunities. This foundational value is now encouraging the school to seize new opportunities, breaking new ground for growth with the Facility Master Plan.

the approach

To create a campaign that shows how Hill Country Christian School is making an impact on the world for Christ. Most of the films content will be voice over of the interviewee with b-roll that flows with the dialogue. It will be shot in an inspiring, cinematic style and be consistent with mood board samples presented in the creative brief. We will do this by sharing powerful stories of individuals who have been inspired and equipped through Hill Country. The project is to share Hill Country's vision of preparing students for college and for life. The goal is to create an emotional sense of connection and urgency to a call to action and raise awareness and funding. The films will convey the idea that by supporting the school, families are helping Hill Country make an even greater impact for Christ.

The framework for this piece will be based off the video, “Higher Ground”. This approach involves selecting a diverse set of roughly ten alumni, parents and faculty to share how HCCS has impacted their life. Cutaways to strong visuals that play off the lines in their individual stories and draw out the personality in each individual will be mixed in. Examples include laughing, looking serious, going about their normal day or favorite activity, etc.


The Subjects

We will feature alumni, faculty and parents who will share their personal stories of HCCS. For example:

the inspiration

This piece is done with natural warm colors to capture the real authenticity of the Hero of our story. We want to convey a feeling of warmth and sincerity. The composition and camera movement is cinematic and somewhat kinetic in style to capture the feeling as if the viewers are actually there. The lens choice is 35mm-50mm to continue that illusion. Also worth noting is the way the shot’s production elements lend themselves to a down-to-earth, authentic feel — as if these were real moments, captured with real people.

The lighting

This is a sample from a lighting test we did. The tone of this piece should be impactful and serious, and the lighting should reflect that. This is what we call “Rembrandt” lighting, named after the artist who frequently lit the subjects of his paintings in this way. The strong shadows create a nice, moody drama that plays well with the script. In the background is a subtle splash of navy blue—a tip of the hat to HCCS brand colors.

5 key words


Lives are transformed through the vision of HCCS: to transform the world through the life changing reality of Jesus


Hill Country nurtures academic, physical, artistic and spiritual growth in students and their families. Now they need help to grow.

servant leaders

Hccs has a history of partnering with christ centered families to train up servant leaders.


we want to eleicit a strong emotional connection with the AUDIENCE. we want them to feel that they are part of something bigger.


we want the audience to feel so connected with the story that they want to share it with others as well as make a financial contribution.
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