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The mission of Connecting Point Outreach Miniseries is to equip individuals for kingdom living. By teaching them to live a fulfilling life for Christ productively, passionately, progressively and with purpose.

Through Bible studies, services, revivals, conferences and social events, CPOM seeks to reach the lives of those identified as the black sheep, outcast, abandoned, those who have gone astray or even those suffering from spiritual malnutrition; regardless of their race, religion, social, financial or residential status


Connecting Point Outreach Ministries seek to build God‘s kingdom throuugh Devine connections, demonstrating God’s unconditional love to empower, encourage, inspire, enlighten and equip the people with a kingdom mindset for a kingdom lifestyle.

CPOMs approach to ministry stands on the unadulterated Word of God, furthermore utilizing resources, technology, education & people skills to help individuals apply what they’ve learned to the life they live.

Our Leader

BISHOP Mario A. Whaley

Bishop Mario A. Whaley, Pastor and Founder

Born and raised in Toledo, OH. Bishop Mario Andrelle Whaley is no stranger to ministry and doing the work God has for him. Known by many for his amazing singing voice, humor, and love for God, Bishop Whaley enjoys carrying out the will of God.

In 2010, God placed it on his heart to step away from the norm, to do ministry a little differently than how he was accustomed to doing it. Nevertheless, God gave him countless ideas of how the ministry should operate, and how to carry out the assignment God had given him to do.

Needless to say, at first, Bishop questioned: “was this really happening and was this really God and if so, was he sure this was for me, and am I qualified for the job.” It was at that point he realized, God doesn’t always call the qualified, but he will always qualify who he called.

It was near the close of the summer in 2011 in Toledo, Ohio where Connecting Point Outreach Ministries was birthed and introduced to the body of Christ.

In March of 2013 Bishop married the love of his life Lady LaDale L. Whaley, and together they continued to build the ministry according to the vision God had given Bishop. Through ups and downs, they have never given up. Yet pushing through to see God’s will manifest.

In 2016 while living in Cordova, TN, God placed it on Bishop and Lady Whaley’s hearts to move to a new city to continue to do the work of the Lord, and focus on building the Kingdom of God through Connecting Point Outreach Ministries. After several weeks of prayer and seeking the Lord, they were lead to move to Orlando, FL.

Stepping out on faith, they began to plan and prepare for the move. God worked quickly, and in May of 2017 Bishop made the official move to Orlando, to join Lady Whaley, who was blessed with a new position in March 2017.

Today, Bishop Whaley continues to network, and focus on building the Connecting Point Outreach Ministries in Orlando, FL. While his residence is in Orlando his focus for building the ministry is not only local but nationally and internationally as well, thus working to connect with leaders whom God allows him to create a divine connection.


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