A Reflection of Me The Photography of Steven Green

I believe it was Ansel Adams who said that there are always two people in every photograph - the photographer and the person viewing it. My photography is a reflection of myself; the places I have been, the things I have seen, and the way I observe the world around me. I am not an idle bystander to life, and have chosen through most of my adult years to capture what I can through film (and now bytes) in the way I perceive that world. For me, the world is wide and narrow, large and small, straight-forward and abstract; I choose to attempt in my own way to record each moment in a manner worthy of demonstrating what sparked my initial curiosity to pause and admire the view in the first place. There are no boring moments.

Selfie with Wonder Woman, Las Vegas (not me, another guy)

I consider myself a photographer because of the way I view and share the world. I see everything as a composition; the light, contrast and tone that makes every part of the world an interesting place to be. Life is fascinating, and my goal is to share the reasons I find it so throughout each moment of time and space I am fortunate enough to occupy when it chooses to reveal itself in such a way. The only bad moments are those I see without camera in hand. It is an obsession, and perfection is less important than the moment.

My photography is comfortable in the moment, regardless of theme or style.
Street Photography

I think I was probably a street photographer long before I ever really knew what the concept meant. Taking up my father's 35mm camera while in high school in the late seventies, it went with me as I joined the Army to begin my travels beyond the neighborhood, documenting the people and places along the way.

Laundry Day - Kabul, Afghanistan

Child Safety - Kabul, Afghanistan

Chopping Wood - Kabul, Afghanistan

Elvis has left the building - Las Vegas

Gifted, Grateful, Guaranteed - Las Vegas

Helping Hand - Pakistan Border, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Traffic Circle Beggar - Kabul, Afghanistan

Court Jester - Mardi Gras, El Paso, Texas

Sidewalk Style - Washington, DC

Smoke and Walk - Las Vegas

Steam Police - Washington, DC

Two Men and a Crosswalk - Washington, DC

Abstract Photography

It is amazing what you find when stop to take in the details of your surroundings. The abstract fascinates me. Usually, I am just drawn to something unique within my field of vision that stops me, pulls me in closer, to examine the frame in more detail. I cannot always decide what that "thing" is; a form, a pattern, a texture. Something is in there, and I take the time to explore it from a few angles until I realize what captivated me. I knew it was there, just waiting to be found.

Artery 2 - Abstract Macro Photography

Iron Feather

Red Veins

Bamboo on Red Wall - Boston

Light and Shadow through a series of bunkers at Camp Leatherneck, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Cotton Jungle - Macro photograph of cotton swabs

Hemp Leaf Abstract

Killer Agave

Eternal Table


Stop and smell the roses. Or shoot them. I am great fan of nature, happily pulling over on a road trip to grab a photo of an interesting landscape, wildflower or other aesthetically pleasing natural occurrence undisturbed by man. Gardens count too.

Sports and Event Photography

This is a broad area for me. I attend any number of sports, music and other events either as a casual bystander (I call it tourist mode) or by invitation to photograph the event. As with most of my photography, I try to have fun and just simply capture the energy or emotion of what the participants or audience is feeling at the time.


Ahh, people. I enjoy portraiture and occasionally engage in portrait photography for the right person or cause (I do a lot of charity work when I can). As a product of my environment as most people tend to be, I prefer to photograph people in theirs as much as possible, but am more than willing to break out the lights and backdrops.

Portrait Photography
At War

Ironically and despite ten years of active duty in the United States Army plus another 15 or so as a reservist, my time at war came as a civilian to Iraq in 2008, and again to Afghanistan in 2012. I wasn't there as a photographer, but always had a camera available when conditions permitted to document my time abroad while attempting to do my part to aid in the reconstruction of both countries during active conflict.

Iraq and Afghanistan

Thank you for taking the time to review my work. If you enjoyed this presentation, I encourage you to view a larger collection of my photography on my website at www.stevengreenphotography.com. From my site, you can also follow me on various social media services to get updates on my latest projects and other works.

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