My Day at The Harn Ryan Shust

This art piece titled "Day of The Dead Tree with Figures" was crafted using paper-mache and wood. Being in person for this piece allows you to see the intricate detail the artist put into it from the props used by the people to the facial expressions. It was also amazing to see where there was wood vs paper-mache being used. The artwork communicated death, but happiness at the same time and made me feel alarmed but upon reading the title I knew it was created for a traditional Mexican celebration.
The Hard featured a closed garden as one of their exhibits, this space called the "Irving J. Goffman Garden" was created to showcase the natural beauty of Florida and bring out the stoneware piece in the middle. I found this exhibit appealing as I've never seen an art museum have a garden inside of it to be used as art. The exhibit made me feel calm and at peace and really stuck with me, partly due to my environmental science major.
This piece is a little different and a reflection of one of my core values. The piece makes me feel very happy and brings about satisfaction. One of my favorite foods is chicken so when I saw this art piece I instantly fell in love. I believe this artist also had a love for chicken and thats why he created such a marvelous piece.
This traditional women's wedding ensemble from Egypt showcases what the Goodlife is to some people. The theme here is that of family and marriage and this traditional gown shows how the people of Egypt feel about this spacial time. The bright colors give a feeling of joy, happiness, and excitement. For these people, one of their core values of having a good life would be marriage.


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