Sr Philomene Tiernan By Olivia, Eleanor, Anqi, vi and alicia

How has Sr Philomene Tiernan death, brought us closer as a community, how has it developed hope determination and purpose?

The death of Sister Philomene Tiernan is the most recent of the hard times that the school has faced. She died on the 17th of July, 2014. Her tragic death was a result of the Malaysian Airline crash of flight MH17.

Though Sister Phil is no longer with us today, her legacy still remains throughout the Sacred Heart Community and she continues to inspire many students of KRB. Sister Phil was a great role model for students and teachers alike, as she was an educator of great faith and intellect, with a strong commitment to social justice and personal growth.

The death of Sister Philomene Tiernan has inspired the students and teachers to become better people. She has done this with her determined, purposeful actions, and by making everyone at KRB feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing. For ten years, Sister Phil was the director of boarding at the school, she made all boarders feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.

Sr Philomene Tiernan - "Darling you are doing so well"

One phrase Sister Phil commonly used was “Darling, you are doing so well.” She always encouraged students and teachers to be the best they could be, often acknowledging their good work. Since the death of Sister Phil, a new learning space and Boarding Bursary have been created. The boarding bursary gives an opportunity to a less fortunate child and covers full boarding costs that the girl would never have gotten.

Throughout her life, Sister Philomene Tiernan inspired many people to be the best they could be and everyone who knew her is lucky to have known such an amazing person. Sister Phil is not remembered because of the terrible circumstances under which she died, but for her joy, her determination, her love, her faith and her compassion, and as an ongoing role model and inspiration for students at Kincoppal - Rose Bay.

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